Difference between Hospice and Nursing Home | Hospice vs Nursing Home

Hospice vs Nursing Home

Are you searching for to learn the difference between the Hospice and nursing home? A lot of people exist around us now days, which confused with these two care terms. What is Hospice and what is nursing home and what’s difference between both of them? So let’s move forward and learn the difference between Hospice and nursing home.

Differences between Hospice and Nursing Home

The hospice and nursing home are two important programs that help the people in need. These assisted living facilities provide residential accommodation with health care. Hospice programs provide proper care for terminally ill people. The key difference between hospice and nursing home lies in their residents or patients; as nursing homes mainly focus on elderly people, whereas the hospice care primarily targets unhealthy people.


Hospice can be defined as a program that provides palliative care and attends to the psychological and spiritual needs of ill patients at a particular facility or at the patient’s home. This program involves terminally ill patients who are expected to live six months or less. The aim of this program is to help patients who are dying to have comfort, peace, and dignity. The end-of-life treatment, which involves medical, internal and spiritual support, is provided by volunteers and health professionals. The caregivers give attention to the patient’s symptoms while attending to their spiritual and emotional needs. These programs also provide support to the person’s family.

Hospice care can also take place in a hospital, hospice center, skilled nursing facility or at home. This hospice health care program is mostly seen in developed countries. Street Christopher’s Hospice that started in 1967 (in the UK) is considered the first modern hospice.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes, which can be also known as skilled nursing facility, snooze home, recovering home, are specialized institutes that provide residential care for old people. Nursing homes are residences for people who experience difficulties in coping with their basic activities, i.e. eating, dressing, toilet assistance, etc. and require nursing care. Citizens of nursing homes usually include elderly people. The young people with physical or mental problems, especially those who are recovering from illnesses or accidents, can also be residents of assisted living facilities.

The services provided differ from one nursing home to other. Some basic services provided by nursing facilities include room and board, personal care (including toilet assistance, dressing, bathing), monitoring of medication, 24 hours crisis care, and social and recreational activities. Some nursing homes can also provide assistance to the people with special needs such as Alzheimer patients.


  • Definition:

Hospice: Hospice is a program that provides care and attends to the emotional and spiritual needs of terminally ill patients at a facility or at the patient’s home.

Nursing Home: Nursing home is an establishment providing residential accommodation with healthcare, especially for elderly people.

  • Residents or Patients:

Hospice: Hospice health care support terminally ill people, typically those who are expected to live 6 months or less.

Nursing Home: Residents of nursing homes are aged people or chronically unwell people.

  • Residency:

Hospice: The hospice care can be provided at home.

Nursing Home: People have to be residents of the nursing home in order to obtain treatment and support.

  • Support

Hospice: The patients receive medical, psychological and spiritual support.

Nursing Home: The residents obtain a room, board, personal assistance, and medical assistance.

  • Family

Hospice: Hospice treatment also supports the families of the patients.

Nursing Home: Nursing homes do not support the families of the patients.

Now I’m sure after reading this post, you people would be dam sure about the difference between the Hospice and nursing home. So you no need to ask someone what is Hospice and what is nursing home and what are the main differences between both of them.