Difference between Lecturer and Professor | Lecturer vs. Professor

Lecturer vs. Professor

Difference between Lecturer and Professor: – Everyone knows that the teaching is the main job that creates all the occupations and opportunities. In schools, we have teachers but the ones doing the teaching in a college or university are often known as lecturer or professor. However, one can often find it confusing in differentiating between the two.

The question that comes to the mind of most of the students is if both are the same jobs, then why are there two titles? Do both terms have the same meaning and can they be utilized interchangeably or is there a difference between lecturer and professor? The direct and straightforward answer to this is yes, there is. There is a significant difference in role, certification, prospects, remuneration, and facilities.

  • Lecturer

A lecturer is actually the one doing the teaching at the basic level of the university. Anyone who attempts to pursue a job in university coaching begins as a lecturer. In other words, he is just a starter instructor and doesn’t need to high academic requirements. A lecturer is generally a short-term worker in the institution and can be considered to be a contractual staff with an agreement, under which he is working. The range of this agreement can be a term to per annum.

It is also a fact that in a very rare case, one can find a lecturer with an agreement for a longer period of time but in some cases, it can grow even up to five years. A lecturer is given negligible or minimal research responsibilities.

  • Professor

A professor is like the tip of the University coaching pyramid and has a degree of doctorate in his subject of expertise. Moreover, he can have a long time of educating experience. A professor is generally assigned with a lot of research and might need to write different documents and books related to his research and studies.

Furthermore, as the main coaching entity, he is supposed to help and provide the necessary information to the students who are trying to complete their Ph.D. Professors do not do a lot of teaching work by themselves and rely greatly on the lecturers to complete the training of the students, all the necessary paperwork, and tests.

Difference between Lecturer and Professor

A lecturer begins instructing the undergraduate lessons in college or university. As he gains experience, he might get an opportunity to progress to the post of mature lecturer. If he opts for research along with coaching and completes his Ph.D., he may become an assistant teacher. After perhaps remaining as an associate teacher for five to seven years, he might get promoted to a co-employee professor. And then, after hard work of many years, they may get promoted to be full-fledged professors. So, one can say that become a professor by the means of promotions from a post of a lecturer is not a child’s play. On the other hand, however, many lecturers may continue to be mature lecturers even after having a long-term experience in instructing undergraduate students.