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Difference between Knowledge and Education

Difference between Knowledge and Education

Knowledge vs. Education

There is not much difference between knowledge and education since both are correlated. In fact one leads to the other. The most important difference between the two is that education is a formal process whereas knowledge is an informal experience. Below this post is all about the difference between Knowledge and Education.

Difference between Knowledge and Education

Education is acquired through formal institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, while knowledge is acquired from real life experiences. Therefore, education is a process of acquiring knowledge for some useful application while knowledge consists of facts acquired from a good education, peers, consults and frequent reading.

Another difference between the two is that education is taught by teachers to students, while knowledge is acquired through self or self-acquired. Education is a learning process and you get to know several facts, ideas and theories. Meanwhile, knowledge is the application of these facts and theories. There are no pre-established guidelines for this. Education does have a set of rules, regulations and a predefined curriculum while knowledge does not have those limits. It can come from teachers, parents, friends, painful moments in life, children, etc. Therefore, it is not taught but obtained by self-effort.

Knowledge and education are both synonymous but there is a difference between them. Knowledge is acquired from life and age experiences while education is learned from books and might never be experienced. Knowledge is related to facts while education is related to teaching, critical thinking and self-knowledge. Education grows over the years while knowledge does not have that rate of growth. Even a child can be better informed than an adult. One must follow a system to be educated while knowledge can be obtained without following those systems.

Finally, the difference between knowledge and education is that knowledge is a noun that is obtained through experience and education. It is about understanding a particular event or event. Include raw information, understand the issue and develop skills related to the issue and have appropriate resources. The word “knowledge” can also be used as an idiom. One may have medical, scientific or commercial knowledge; however education is not defined in small areas, since it is in its entirety a complete system with facts related to an age category and a person. It is much more specific and defined.

Therefore, education helps to impart our culture and tradition from one generation to another. It helps the individual achieve their own potential and talents. It is related to different fields of learning and teaching such as computing, sociology, linguistics, etc. Many theories are linked to the psychology of education. Knowledge helps these traditions grow for the betterment of society and not a selfish motto. We can distinguish between good and evil and follow customs disinterestedly.


  1. Education is a formal process to obtain knowledge while knowledge is acquired informally through experiences.
  2. Education needs institutions for teaching while knowledge has no limits.
  3. Education has a set of rules and a defined work plan while knowledge does not have those limitations.
  4. Education is learned from books and grows with the years while knowledge is free, can be acquired from the environment, and has no age limit.

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