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Difference between Job and Career


Job vs. Career

Job and career involve getting up and going to work in the morning, there is a big difference in the mentality of a person who has a job and the mentality of a person with a career. The difference is not necessarily in the salary or benefits. Maybe the job is not even in the difficulty. The biggest difference between job and career is in the way you look at your work and how much you like to do your job.

Difference between Job and Career


Job – Many college and high school students get part-time jobs at department stores like Macy’s. For most of these workers, their time at Macy’s is just a job. They will work there for a couple of years to pay for school or the car and then resign. They usually do their job well, but the time of departure is the best time of the day. All these students keep a job.

Career – On the contrary, the same high school student can start a part-time at Macy’s because she is interested in fashion and marketing. In addition to working there, he enrolls in an arts college and seeks to obtain a degree in Fashion. He works more hours in the store, climbs the managerial ladder and uses his work experiences as part of his thesis project. When she finishes school, she stays with Macy’s but as a buyer instead of being in the sales department. For this girl, her work at Macy’s is the first step to her career.

Major Concerns

  • Work-Someone with a job worries about getting a continuous paycheck. You will do those things that are required to continue receiving that check: arrive on time, complete all tasks satisfactorily and get along with your colleagues and the boss.
  • Career-Someone in pursuit of a career wants to learn more about their career and network with their colleagues to create more opportunities. He is willing to take risks beyond himself. He is more concerned with the satisfaction of his work and the pay is secondary.

Future Panorama

  • Job- People with a job plan to keep it for a certain amount of time or indefinitely. A job is a means to earn money for school, family, travel, etc. Once the need for that income is eliminated, most people are happy to give up that job. And maybe later they take a new job in a similar or different field.
  • Career- People sees their career as a lifelong endeavor. Maybe they do not plan to be in the same company, but they expect to do the same kind of work until they retire. Many career people continue their career as a consultant or counselor after their official retirement.


  • A job and a career involve going to work.
  • The mentality of those who maintain a job is focused on safety and money while the mentality of the career person is focused on innovation and risk taking.
  • Most people see their job as a means to an end while most people see their career as an end in itself.

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