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Difference between White and Caucasian

Difference between White and Caucasian

White Vs. Caucasian

What is the Difference between White and Caucasian?

“White” and “Caucasian” are terms that have been widely confused with the same, but that is a big mistake.

A white person is not told that he is Caucasian, while a Caucasian is often called white.

Below this post is all about the difference between white and Caucasian.

Difference between White and Caucasian

White race

The concept of “white race” or “whites” originated in the seventeenth century.

The term was coined primarily to differentiate light-skinned people from dark-skinned people.

The reference to white people goes back to the times of Greco-Roman ethnography.

It was only in recent times that the concept of Caucasians originated.

The term goes back to the 19th century and derives from a region in the Caucasus Mountains.

German scientist and anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach was credited as the creator of the expression “Caucasus” in 1800.

White vs Black vs Caucasian


When comparing the two races, the Caucasian one comprises a larger group of people compared to the other.

The Caucasian race is composed of the Maghreb, Arab, Somali, some people in India, and Ethiopians.

On the other hand, Whites are mostly people who belong to Europe.

It should also be noted that although people in North Africa and South Asia are often referred to technically as Caucasian, they are generally not considered this way; because many have darker shades.

In previous decades, the Caucasians considered themselves superior to the whites; but then the whites contested that the superiors were them.

Today the Caucasian concept to refer to the race of people has been almost completely obsolete; even the same concept of race has been losing importance in recent years.

Difference between White and Caucasian

Key differences between White and Caucasian

  • Caucasians comprise a larger group of people compared to whites, which are located especially in Europe.
  • Whites have lighter skin than Caucasians, but Caucasians have thinner nose and lips.
  • The concept of “white” originated in the seventeenth century, while that of “Caucasian” is more recent: nineteenth century.


“White” is the racial option for data collection methods, not “Caucasian.

Whereas Caucasian is often used as a synonym for ‘white’ or ‘of European ancestry.

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