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Difference between Faith and Trust

Difference between Faith and Trust

Faith vs. Trust

Difference between Faith and Trust: – Trust and faith are often confused, because these two concepts have certain similarities in their definition; however, these mean different things, are used in different contexts and cannot be used in any way. In spite of everything, these concepts go hand in hand, because they often refer to believing in something. So that you do not get confused when using these two words, then we explain the difference between faith and trust.

Difference between Faith and Trust


The concept of trust is used in the context of personal relationships. It refers to when a person has certain security about those around him or is close to him. Trust refers to security in the integrity, skills, strengths, assurances and capabilities of others. Those who trust expect something from others and are sure that they will receive what they expect.

The subject assumes that those people he trusts will not do him any harm, because somehow these people have shown him that they are trustworthy. For example: a friend lends his car to another because it supposes that it will be returned to him without any problem.

Trust can easily be broken and once it is broken it is almost impossible to recover it. Even in cases where it is believed that it has recovered, it is usually not the same as it was at first.


The concept of faith is more appropriate to the spiritual context. It refers to the belief and loyalty to a higher being that represents the axis of worship.

It can also refer to believing in something, even if you have no concrete evidence that it exists. For example: a person who believes in God. The term faith could also be used to describe the devotion of one individual to another. For example: a boy says he has faith in his girlfriend. This statement shows that the boy believes (even without proof) that his girlfriend is faithful to him and that he loves him just like him.

Generally, when someone believes blindly in someone or something it is about faith; not trustworthy. Trust is not blind; it is built, strengthened or weakened over time. It is very difficult to lose faith in someone or something, because it is a more radical sentiment compared with confidence.

Key differences between faith and trust

  • The word trust is most commonly used in the context of personal relationships, while the term faith is generally used in the context of spirituality.
  • Faith is stronger than trust.
  • Easy trust is lost, but faith is more lasting and difficult to lose.
  • Having confidence means being sure of the integrity and value of someone while having faith is belief in someone or something though no grounds or evidence of their existence or reality.
  • Trust depends largely on how much others feed it, while faith does not necessarily need or have a clear motive.

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