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Difference between Tidal and Wave Energy | Tidal vs. Wave Energy

Difference between Tidal and Wave Energy

Tidal vs. Wave Energy

Difference between tidal and wave energy: – Now days a lot of scientific terms used around us and number of people who don’t know about them even the few people don’t their meanings. Tidal and wave energy are also one from such terminologies and to understand and know the difference between tidal and wave energy, first we need to know what is tidal energy and what is wave energy?

Difference between Tidal and Wave Energy

Tides and waves are two natural phenomena that occur on the surface of large water reservoirs like rivers, seas, oceans, etc. Both of them are similar to each other on the basis that both are related to water systems but their potential in creating and transferring the energy differs a lot. That’s why it is important to understand the difference between tidal and wave energy.

As we, the humans, continue to use non-renewable resources, the earth continues to run out of them. And that is exactly why we set out to find and develop new and effective renewable energy sources, which have minimal effect on the environment and surrounding areas.

Seas and oceans being huge water reservoirs offer great potential as energy sources. So, special buoys and turbines are generally used to fully capture their vitality and convert it into clean electricity but like the majority of emerging solutions, they are costly to create and develop.

What’s tidal energy?

Tides are the upward and downward movement of the sea level triggered by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth. Their effect isn’t limited to seas, only, but also on the lands but this effect isn’t so obvious as it is on the water surface.

The moon has a far more prominent influence on the tides, as it is a lot closer to the earth than the sun. So, shorelines experience the daily diurnal or semi-diurnal tide comprising a couple of high and low tides respectively. These tides are under the influence of a variety of factors including the positions of sun and moon, the condition of the coastline and changes in water depth.

What is wave energy?

Wave energy is the energy harnessed from oceanic waves and is produced when the wind blows over the surface of the sea. The gravitational pull plays its role and raises the water level when is then forced by the wind to move forward, which is why these waves are usually called wind waves. It occurs most effectively on seas as there is no land to resist the movement of the waves. These waves can also take place on lakes, streams, and canals and can be explained as either being capillary waves or ripples.

Major Difference between Both

Tidal Energy

  • The tidal energy is harnessed by the rise and fall of sea levels
  • It occurs due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun
  • There are two types of tidal energy: kinetic and potential energy
  • It can be converted to electrical energy using barrages, dams, tidal fences and tidal turbines
  • Tidal energy is far more reliable than other non-renewable resources since it is dependent on the gravitational pull of the moon and sun but is a discontinuous way as it is available for only 2 times a day
  • The engineering costs for harnessing the tidal energy are high but zero maintenance costs

Wave Energy

  • The wave energy is harnessed from waves moving on the surface of ocean due to wind
  • The strength of waves is under direct effect of wind strength
  • There are just two types of wave energy: kinetic energy
  • It can be converted to electrical energy by installing special onshore and offshore systems
  • As compared to tidal energy, it is less reliable as it is dependent on the resultant effect of the wind speed but is continuous way to obtain energy
  • It requires extremely high start-up costs to create and develop the technology required

Now I’m sure you will be able to know the difference between the tidal and wave energy. At least you will be able to know what tidal energy is and what wave energy, the basics. If you wants to know more about them, then there are number of specialized websites there on web, with the help of which, you can easily clear your more concepts.

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