Differences between Research Methods and Research Methodology

Difference between research methods and research methodology: – Research methods and methodology both looks same, but actually they are not. There is huge difference between research methods and research methodology. To understand this difference, you need to know what research methods are and what is research methodology? Let’s see both of them individually first, then we will talk about the difference between both.

Difference between Research Methods and Research Methodology

Observing the existence of life and phenomenon occurring around us and understanding our purpose of life is why we humans were created. To understand the basic principles of nature and to aid in observation, research is needed. There are different terminologies associated with research like research methods and research methodologies. As both terms seem similar to each other, it is important to the basic differences between research methods and research methodology.

Research Methods

Research methods are the methods that analysts make use of to obtain information and discover solutions to the problems and all of the methods used throughout a particular study are known as the study methods. Every method involves particular steps that require being adopted in order to conduct research effectively. These steps are as:

  • Create a research problem
  • Perform a considerable books review
  • Create a hypothesis or research question
  • Conduct a proper research and test design
  • Gather data and analyze it
  • Test the hypothesis
  • Interpret and Discuss
  • Make conclusions on the basis of the collected data

Research Methodology

The research methodology can be thought of as the basis of the techniques used to get knowledge. In simpler words, the methodology is the analysis of the techniques, themselves, used, and develops the reasoning for why a particular method is used for research. So, it defines a systematic way of solving a particular problem (i.e., analyzing the reason behind the steps considered by a researcher to study).

Major Differences between Both

Research Methods

  • Research methods are the techniques that are used to gather proof and to do research
  • It involves conducting studies, interviews, tests, etc.
  • The main aim is to find answers to research problems.
  • It provides a narrow opportunity for practice (i.e., involves various research strategies, methods, techniques, tools, etc.)
  • Research methods are often found in the later phases of a research

Research Methodology

  • Research methodology provides a reason and rationale behind the techniques used in the research.
  • The main goal behind using research methodologies is using the correct types of procedures to discover answers to research problems.
  • As compared to research methods, it provides a much wider range of practice, which includes the study methods.
  • These are usually used in the starting periods of research.

Now it must be clear in your mind what is meant by research methods and what is research methodology and what is the difference between both of them. Above are the very basics differences of research methods and research methodology, which makes it easy for us to understand the difference. Keep visiting for more similar terms and objects, you want to know and which confuses you.