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Difference between Tadpoles and Frogs | Tadpoles vs. Frog

Difference between Tadpoles and Frogs

Tadpoles vs. Frog

Difference between Tadpoles and Frogs: – We commonly heard about frog, but who knows the Tadpoles and even a lot of people never heard tadpoles in their lives. Here the question is what are difference between and tadpoles and frogs. Let’s start with to know what is Tadpoles and what is frog and then we will be able to know the difference between both.

Difference between Tadpoles and Frogs

According to studies, amphibians have been living on this planet for over 350 million years, and frogs are one of the most common of their types. Studies also reveal that frogs showed up around 190 million years ago and are still in existence, which is why we need to study frogs deeply.

Frogs start their life-cycle in egg form and then hatch as aquatic larvae known as tadpoles. These tadpoles then morph into adult frogs. The life span cycle of a frog is one of the most extraordinary instances of change in vertebrates and the primary reason for which they got far more attention than any other organism. Moreover, it is also necessary to understand the difference between tadpoles and frogs.

  • Structural appearance of tadpoles

Frogs, when hatch out of their eggs, are in larvae form. This larvae form of the frogs is known as tadpoles or pollywogs. Unlike adult frogs, they appear to be like fish and don’t have any limbs. Instead, they may have a long, paddle-like tail that permits them to swim in the water. As they grow, their size increases and their physical properties change significantly as well as their behavioral habits and feeding behaviors.

After a while, when their body is ready to grow to a frog, the tail, they used for paddling and swimming, reduces in size and limbs start to appear. Initially, rear feet will form along with front limbs. The jaw and skull framework is also distinctly different in tadpoles. In the case of the skull, they have got cartilage rather than a solidified bony framework as adult frogs do. In addition to that, they have a smaller tooth that permits them to chew plant life and organic and natural matter during nourishing.

As tadpoles grow further, its head structure starts to change, leading to the introduction of a more identified jaw and the forming of a tongue. Furthermore, the gill makes its way to the lung area and the length of the intestines also changes. Tadpoles are also recognized to have a two-chambered heart and an individual loop of vessels.

  • Structural appearance of frogs

While tadpoles lack limbs and have got long tails, adult frogs, on the other side, have two hind limbs and two forelimbs. The hind limbs are remarkably powerful as well as possess webbed feet which help them to jump at great ranges and swim. Adult frogs have a far more developed bony skull and form a precise tongue you can use for feeding.

The tongue is in nature and replaces its teeth. Adult Frogs have a three-chambered heart and two loops of blood vessels which develop as time passes as well as lung area to aid respiration.

Major Differences between Both


  • Tadpoles have gills to assist breathing under water
  • Tadpoles have tails and fins to help them swim
  • Tadpoles have keratin like teeth called denticles
  • Tadpoles are able to survive in water only
  • Tadpoles have a two-chambered heart
  • Tadpoles are herbivores
  • Tadpoles have a smooth cartilage-like skull


  • Frogs have lung area to aid respiration under water
  • Frogs have forelimbs (arms) and hind limbs (thighs) to help them swim
  • Frogs have little teeth on upper and lower jaws
  • Frogs are capable of living both in water and on land
  • Frogs have a three-chambered heart
  • Frogs are carnivores
  • Frogs have a well-developed solidified skull

I’m sure after reading above differences, now you people will be able to know the difference between tadpoles and frogs. Still you have issues and you want to know more about them, then you need to visit specialized websites which are based on sciences. You would have enough information from such websites.

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