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Difference between Dextrose and Sucrose | Dextrose vs. Sucrose

Difference between Dextrose and Sucrose | Dextrose vs. Sucrose

Dextrose vs. Sucrose

Difference between Dextrose and Sucrose: – It will be really hard to know the difference between the Dextrose and Sucrose until we did not know what Dextrose is and what is Sucrose? Some people think that both are same and are the types of sugar. Yes both are the types of sugar, but there is little bit difference between Dextrose and Sucrose. Let’s see the difference.

Difference between Dextrose and Sucrose

Sugar is one of the most important parts of our daily diet, as it acts as a way to obtain energy for our body. It is a fact that some individuals get anxious because they think that eating sugars may be harmful to their health but it is also true that without the intake of a proper amount of glucose, many basic body functions and processes would cease to perform. Dextrose and sucrose are two different types of sugars, each having different characteristics and use. But still, they are often confused with each other.

  • Composition of Sucrose Molecule

Sucrose is based on a disaccharide molecule comprising of two glucose molecules. It consists of a glucose molecule, chemically bonded with a monosaccharide of fructose. That’s how it gets the chemical formulation of C12H22O11. The state chemical substance name is saccharine and the traditional name is table glucose.

Sucrose is a lot sweeter as it includes both dextrose and fructose and because of fructose itself, is a lot sweeter than dextrose only. Sucrose is better known as stand sugar which is often extracted from sugar canes and sweet beets.

  • Composition of the Dextrose Molecule

The dextrose molecule is incredibly abundant in nature and is present in numerous flower and animal cells. The basic structure of a dextrose molecule is composed of a monosaccharide, which is considered to be the basic unit of carbohydrate or simply said, sugar. As the terms, glucose, and dextrose are often used interchangeably and are being advertised as that, it is important to know that even glucose and dextrose molecules have some differences.

Glucose is thought to have two different molecular arrangements. In other words, it exhibits the phenomenon of isomerism (having more than one chemical composition for the same substance). So, glucose and dextrose are isomers of each other, even though they represent the same thing and are named differently. These isomers are known as L-glucose and D-glucose, with the L-glucose being the “formal” glucose, whereas D-glucose is actually the dextrose molecule.

Major Differences


  • Dextrose is a monosaccharide comprising a single glucose unit
  • Dextrose has a chemical formula of C6H12O6 (same as glucose)
  • It is more often known as glucose
  • It is one of the two isomers of glucose and is also known as D-glucose, the other one being L-glucose
  • Dextrose is a simple carbohydrate molecule and so it gets metabolized quicker
  • It is commonly found in grains, starchy fruit, and vegetables, bread and cereals


  • Sucrose is a disaccharide molecule with two sugar molecules forming its basic molecule – sugar and fructose
  • Sucrose has a chemical formula of C12H22O11, which shows that the number of atoms forming the sucrose molecules is twice than that of a dextrose molecule
  • It is commonly known as table sugar and is used almost everywhere, in our daily life eatables
  • In chemical terminology, it is named as saccharose
  • As compared to dextrose, it is a lot sweeter
  • Sucrose is a complex carbohydrate molecule and it is metabolized slower

So above are the few main differences of Dextrose and Sucrose, and now it should be clear in your mind what Dextrose is and what is Sucrose and what are the differences between both of them. Still you are confused, and then you need to visit other specialized websites on web, which have a great amount of information about both of them.

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