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Difference between Sandwich and Burger

Sandwich vs. Burger

Difference between sandwich and Burger: – Eating is one of the basic needs of humans and other living things, but in our case, beyond being a necessity; it’s also a pleasure. While it is true that eating habits can vary greatly from one person to another, it must be recognized that a huge number of people love junk food and one that is rich in carbohydrates (as in the case of bread).

Difference between sandwich and Burger

Given the popularity of hamburgers and sandwiches, two foods that have the characteristics indicated above, here’s how the difference between sandwich and Burger; so that you can clarify any doubts or simply get a little more information about it.

A typical sandwich consists of two loaves of bread (flat) filled with meat, vegetables, ham, cheese and sometimes eggs. Likewise, sandwiches are usually spread butter, mayonnaise or put dressings and tomato sauce (Ketchup).

Despite the above, usually the sandwiches are prepared using mainly the following ingredients: ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and butter. In addition, they can be made with more than two slices of bread.

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There are several types of sandwiches, such as: cheese sandwich, egg sandwich, meat sandwich … Some are grilled and others are not; in the same way, the bread that is used to make them goes from the typical white bread, until integral, multicereal and with fruits.

On the other hand, hamburgers are more popular than sandwiches when it comes to restaurants (especially in well-known fast food chains).

Basically, the only difference between a hamburger and a sandwich lies in the type of bread that is used to cover the filling. The hamburger bread is never flat and in almost all cases it turns out to be round. In the same order, although hamburgers are filled with the same ingredients as sandwiches, it is common to fill them using more and variety of ingredients than the latter. Finally, MacDonald’s, Burger King and Subway are some of the fast food chains most famous for their hamburgers.

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