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Difference between Breast milk and Formula milk | Breast vs. Formula milk

Breast vs. Formula milk

Difference between breast milk and formula milk: – Breastfeeding is a very important task, especially for those who are first-time mothers. It is an issue that has become more relevant today due to the problem that some see in the fact that babies are breastfed in public, this hand in hand with other factors in turn contributed to the Internet abounding information about on this topic.

Difference between breast milk and formula milk

However, for some mothers who do not know what is best; whether breastfeeding or using the formula, such information can be confusing; since there is a lot of contradiction between some studies, which are divided into two groups: those who are in favor of breast milk and those who defend the use of formula (although not necessarily prioritized).

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between breast milk and formula milk.

Breast milk is important and healthy because it helps the infant develop his immune system while providing the vitamins, proteins and minerals needed for his growth.

The amount and composition of breast milk varies depending on each mother and also the needs of the infant. When the woman weaneth the baby, it begins to produce less milk and vice versa. Likewise, the composition of the milk changes depending on the age of the baby.

Breast milk is excreted through the mammary glands found in the breasts. It digests easily and gives the little one everything necessary to grow healthy and strong.

As the infant grows, the amount of iron in breast milk is reduced; so it becomes necessary the intake of solid foods. But this happens when the child reaches about 6 months of age. Generally, women are advised to breastfeed their infants until they reach the first year and; in some cases, until they reach the age of 2 years.

Formula Milk
On the other hand, for some mothers breastfeeding their baby is not an option; perhaps because they do not like it, find it painful or simply because they suffer from a disease or medical condition that does not allow it. For these mothers an option has been invented: formula milk.

Formula milk can even be used as a supplement to breast milk. It is important to bear in mind that it can never replace the mother as the best alternative.

It has been developed with the goal of providing the infant with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs. However, it lacks some antibiotics and certain proteins present in breast milk.

Finally, there are some benefits of feeding the baby through formula milk with the help of baby bottles. For example, one of the advantages lies in the fact that through this alternative men can also participate in the act of feeding their children; thus tightening the bonds between father and son, the mother also has a more flexible schedule to feed her baby, and finally, the mother does not have to worry about her diet due to the baby. As you can see, both breast milk and formula have their pros and cons.

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