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Difference between Nuts and Fruits | Nuts vs. Fruits

Difference between nuts and fruits

Nuts vs. Fruits

Difference between nuts and fruits: – For Botany, the definition of nuts and fruits are quite similar and perhaps for this reason many people use both terms interchangeably as if they were the same, when in fact they differ from one another in several senses.

Difference between nuts and fruits

If you are the ones who have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you what is the difference between nuts and fruits.

Fruits are the mature ovaries of any flowering plant. They usually contain seeds and in some cases derive from the tissues of some plants and not from their flowers.

Plants spread their seeds by means of fruits and this is how new plants arise (in some cases). Most fruits are characterized by being soft, fleshy and juicy; In addition, they tend to have a sweet taste, although in some cases it may be bittersweet or bitter.

Fruits constitute an important part of the diet of both humans and animals, since they represent a good source of nutrition. There are even cases of human groups that depend entirely on fruit consumption for food.

Some fruits like apples, grapes and strawberries can be eaten with their shell; however, others like melons and bananas require that the bark or peel be removed before being consumed. There are those who instead of eating them prepare juice with them, however, in this last process tend to lose much of the fiber that these foods by nature contain.

Nuts are composed of fruits and seeds. They are also called “nuts” and unlike normal fruits, are covered by a hard layer (which is the fruit) and have an inner layer that can be consumed and which becomes the seed. Also, nuts and fruits differ in that the former are high in calories and are very high in fat.

Technically the nut is defined as: a dried fruit with a seed (rarely two) and whose wall or bark becomes very hard (resembling wood) when it reaches maturity and the seeds are glued or fused with the wall ovary or fruit.

Very often some vegetables such as peanut, almonds and coconut are often confused with nuts; however, for Botany the three above do not fit into the definition of walnut.

Finally, the seeds of the nuts can be consumed raw or toasted; also eaten alone or used to accompany other foods. Unlike common fruits, they are not juicy and their bark can be used to produce different objects. Like fruits, they also offer many health benefits.

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