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Difference between Mysticism and Spirituality | Mysticism vs. Spirituality

Difference between Mysticism and Spirituality | Mysticism vs. Spirituality

Mysticism vs. Spirituality

Difference between Mysticism and Spirituality: – Even for many people who do not believe in divinities it is important to feel in harmony even with the universe, but in the case of those who have their beliefs deposited in something higher; whether it be a divinity, one or more gods, or, in a ‘spiritual truth’; there are two concepts that commonly describe how they experience their union with what they believe in.

Difference between Mysticism and Spirituality

As you can imagine, these are the concepts ‘mysticism’ and ‘spirituality’, of which we then explain the difference.

Mysticism can be defined as the pursuit of communion with the highest Divinity, Reality, Spiritual Truth or God. A mystic person who pursues this union.

This term has been used in various ways due to religious, social, psychological and cultural differences; however, there are certain similarities between the descriptions that the mystics make of their experiences. In most cases such experiences are described as something that goes far beyond sensation through the senses or intellectual apprehension.

Mysticism is something of a spiritual nature. On many occasions it has been described as a process that concludes with the perfect consummation of God’s love. The definition of this concept is so broad that it cannot be limited only to one particular religion, but to several religions and beliefs.

In spite of everything, it is important to know that in the modern world, that is to say, today the word ‘mysticism’ is often used to refer to visions of the world that are considered irrational.

On the other hand, spirituality in the words of Plotinus (one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity) is the adventure of the solitary soul. Spirituality is related to the quality or condition of being spiritual, which means that the human spirit is seen as something separate and almost always opposed to material and material interests.

The definition of spirituality is something very difficult to explain since it is understood differently by monotheists, polytheists, New Age followers, Native Americans … But if they all have in common, they consider the spirit as something that is in our inside and that can control our body.

Finally, both mysticism and spirituality are seen as interconnected aspects; since in both cases a kind of transcendence is sought and the experimentation of ecstasy or harmony. Any the key differences between mysticism and spirituality are Spirituality can be practiced even by people who are not completely believers, while mysticism always has to do with some divinity or higher being. Mysticism seeks union with the higher self, while spirituality seeks the transcendence of the spirit.

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