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Difference between Mohammed and Jesus | Mohammed vs. Jesus

Difference between Mohammed and Jesus | Mohammed vs. Jesus

Mohammed vs Jesus

Difference between Mohammed and Jesus: – Both Jesus and Mohammed are key figures in their corresponding religions. Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, while Muhammad is in Islam, for this reason, they are often compared even though they have very little in common. As we know that you would like to know a little more about this subject, and then we explain to you what is the difference between Muhammad and Jesus and why they should not be confused.

Difference between Mohammed and Jesus

As in the case of Muhammad, there is some evidence that Jesus truly existed. According to some historical data Jesus would have lived long before Mohammed; which is why it is not surprising that Christianity preceded Islam.

Jeus was supposed to be born between 2 and 7 BC in Nazareth, Galilee. According to the Christian tradition, Mary conceived of him as a virgin; all thanks to the Holy Spirit. An angel had informed Mary that she would be the mother of the son of God, so it was when she became pregnant by the grace and the work of the Holy Spirit. After this event she married Joseph and gave birth to Jesus.

Jesus grew as a Jew until he was baptized by John the Baptist. Eventually he set about gathering disciples with whom he traveled throughout the region carrying out miracles, healing the sick, exorcisms, raising dead people and other feats such as walking on water and turning water into wine. Jesus also preached the word of God (his father) in all the places he visited.

In the end Jesus was accused of heresy and executed by the Romans, but before he died he and his disciples had already founded the Church. After the crucifixion his body was carried by his followers and taken to the tomb, but three days later he rose from the dead and rose to heaven.

Although Jesus is also part of Islam, he is only considered a Prophet of God, not his son. In Islamic doctrine, Jesus (commonly called Isa) was the one who brought the scriptures with him and was born of a virgin; but neither was he the son of God, nor died crucified, but was carried to heaven by Allah.

Islam is also considered to be Adam, Abraham and Moses as Prophets of God, but among all the prophets the most important is Mohammed. This is considered the last prophet and messenger of Allah.

Muhammad was born about 570 AD. C. in Mecca. He was orphaned at an early age and grew up under the care of his uncle. When he grew up, he worked as a merchant until he retired to the caves for peace and prayer. At the age of 40 Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel while he was in a cave and this angel was the one who gave the first revelation of Allah. Three years later, Muhammad began to preach what Allah had revealed.

All the revelations that Allah made to Muhammad were transcribed in a text known as The Quran. At first, when Mohammed began to gain some followers he was persecuted by some tribes of Mecca, for this reason he had to migrate to Medina until after 8 years he was able to gather an army of 10,000 converted Muslims and to take to Mecca destroying in his step about 300 pag an idols. Mohammed died in 632, after falling ill with fever and headache; but before his death he had already converted almost all the Arabs to Islam and had formed the Muslim religion.

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