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Difference between Lutheran and Catholic

Difference between Lutheran and Catholic

Lutheran vs. Catholic

What is Difference between Lutheran and Catholic? Christianity saw its evolution as a Jewish sect in the eastern Mediterranean. Christianity is considered a monotheistic religion believing that there is only one God. It is based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Difference between Lutheran and Catholic

Catholics were the first Christians to follow the teachings of Christ. The Catholic Church refers to all believers of Christ without any denominational affiliation. She believes that bishops are the greatest order of ministry among Christians. According to them Jesus made Peter the guardian of the place where his church would be built. Jesus would be followed by merely mortal men who would be called Pope. The popes were gaining authority as well as the money grew. This also led them to be involved in politics.

500 years ago, Martin Luther, a German reformer, had a reforming perception of Christian theology and the practices of the church helped in the evolution of a Protestant Reformation. During this time Martin Luther was an exception with contributions to his church. Since the church was not following Catholic manners, he took the path of renouncing reforms with the practices of the Catholic Church and enlisted Lutherans.

Martin Luther believed and supported that the Western Church should return to what he believed was its biblical foundation. He supported the reform of the Western Church and not in creating a separate brand of Christianity. Lutheran Christianity is popularly known as Protestant.

The historic separation between Catholics and Lutherans took place on a doctrine of justification before God. According to Lutheranism, only faith and Christ can save an individual. This contradicts the Catholic belief that faith is formed by love and work that is what will save an individual. Lutheran theology supports the difference in theology, Christology; the purpose of God’s law, divine grace and predestination.

Lutherans also support the grace of God and that will be given only by the order of Christ. Orthodox Lutheran theology holds that God created the world, including a perfect, sacred and sinless humanity.

Lutherans believe that Jesus Christ is God by nature and as man. They also confess in Luther’s catechism that he is the united God born of the father of eternity and also a true man born of the Virgin Mary. This sect of people supports the sacraments and sacred acts as part of the divine institution.

Despite the differences in theology of the Catholic Church, Lutherans continue to use the reformation of the liturgical practices of the church and the sacramental teachings. The Protestant church teaches the doctrine of Luther and does not accept the Pope as its leader. Protestants also avoid using the term Catholic instead use Christian to distinguish their own position from Calvinism or Puritan form of reformed Protestantism.

Today, Lutheranism is one of the most important religions of Western Christendom. The Lutherans identify themselves with the teachings of Martin Luther.

In Summary:

  • Lutheranism supports grace and faith as the only salvation of an individual from his sins.
  • Roman Christians believe that faith is formed by love and work, which will save people.
  • Lutherans believe that Jesus Christ is God by nature and as man.

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