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Difference between Islam and Bahia

Difference between Islam and Bahia

Islam vs. Bahia

What is Difference between Islam and Bahia? We all know Islam but maybe you do not know about Bahia. The Bahia is a new religion or rather a religion of a newer world. It is becoming popular and has its origins in the Shiite Islamic sect. Although it originates from Islam, there is a considerable amount of difference between these two religions. The Bahia is not considered as a sub sect of Islam but as a new religion to itself.

Difference between Islam and Bahia

There are more than 5 million followers of the Bahia religion worldwide dispersed in 236 countries. The forerunner of this religion was Sayed Ali Muhammad. Hubomasacres and executions, the followers of this religion are called Bahais. At present, there are international conferences on this religion and it has been accepted as the religion of the world. There are several sacred books of religion but the most prominent is the Kitab-i-Aqdas.

Islam was founded by Muhammad and his followers are known as Muslims. The roots of this religion can be traced back to Christianity. Muslims refer to Jesus, Moses and Abraham as the prophets of God and therefore as Muslims. From the point of view of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the true religions. Muslims have the holy book that is known as the Koran and was originally written in the Arabic language. The word Muslim means person who submits to Arabic.

Unlike being just a religion, Bahia is a combination of religion and science. The main principles of this religion are established as world peace, universal education, equality of men and women, worship of one God, cooperation between science and religion in the search for the truth of a person.

The main teaching principles of Islam are known as the Five Pillars and it is obligatory to pray them, repeat the shahada, and give charity, fasting and pilgrimage. The pilgrimage or hajj is the Mecca and nearby places.

Anyone can adopt the Bahia as a religion while there are restrictions and conditions when converting to Islam. A follower of Bahia is considered more educated than people of other religions as he is expected to study the scriptures of his religion as well as those religions of the world.

In Summary:

  • The Bahia is a religion that has its origins in Islam and Islam has its roots in Christianity.
  • Followers of Islam are known as Muslims and followers of Bahia are known as Baha’is.
  • The holy book of the Muslims is the Koran and of the Baha’is is the Kitab-i-Aqdas.
  • The Bahia is a combination of religion and science whereas Islam is purely a religion based on the teachings of the Prophet.
  • The most important principles of Islam are based on the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet. The Bahia is more a scientific and modern method that focuses on problems such as gender equity, world peace, worship of a God, and combines science and religion.
  • A Bahia is supposed to learn the scriptures of religion as well as those of other religions. Muslims should not learn about other religions.

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