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Difference Between Hunter and Jumper Horse

Difference Between Hunter and Jumper Horse

Hunter vs. Jumper Horse

Difference between hunter and jumper horse: – We all people know about horse riding and now day’s horse riding has become a very common sport. Where horses are used in different games, here this is also one fact that the nature of horses also varies according to the nature of game.

The horse that is used in polo is naturally different from the horses, which are used in jumping. Here a common question that is raised by a lot of people what is the difference between hunter and jumper horse? I was also from one of those people who people thinks that hunter and jumper both horses are same in nature. Let see the difference between hunter and jumper horse.

Difference between Hunter and Jumper Horse

It is never an easy task for one to differentiate a hunter horse from a jumper horse unless one knows the particular characteristics of each type of horse. Otherwise, it is extremely hard to tell one type of horse apart from the other as one needs to be acquainted with the anatomy of both the horses and the types of sports, they are used for.

Major Differences

  • The primary difference a hunter horse and a jumper horse lies in the types of the competitions, they are used for, and the factors on the basis of which they are judged in a particular type of sport. The hunter horses are judged subjectively, and the Jumper horses are judged objectively.
  • The hunter horses are required to keep decency during the competition. The judges give those points on the basis of their physical appearance, movement style, personality, suitability, and confrontation. So, primarily, the judges evaluate them subjectively.
  • In competitions involving jumping horses, the points are not awarded on the basis of their appearance and their movement styles. In fact, it’s somewhat opposite to that, as they start from the maximum points which are then cut or decreased on the basis of the mistakes that are made by the horse like timeouts, wrong choice of direction, and many others. So, judging the Jumper horses takes place objectively as it is actually determined by the effect of the training that the horse received from its master.
  • Similarly, the competition regarding hunter horses is also about completing a perfect movement, gait, and coordination of both, the horse and the rider. However, in the case of jumper horses, style or gait isn’t of much importance, as the points are based on the speed that the horse can achieve, the correctness of the task completed, and distance covered by it in a particular time. So, ultimately, the champion of a jumper horse competition is the one who manages to the jumping course in the shortest time. Additionally, the poles shouldn’t be knocked down or it increases the penalty.

Now it must be clear in your mind the difference between hunter and jumper horse. Above are the few major differences between both of them and I’m sure on the basis of which you can easily differentiate the both. It’s understandable a lot of people exist around us, who seem bit confused to differentiate both of them, but it should not be. This post is all about the difference between hunter and jumper horse. Keep visiting the website to know and understand the difference between the various similar things and objects.

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