Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard | Longboard vs. Skateboard

Longboard vs. Skateboard

Difference between longboard and skateboard: – Whenever we look longboard and skateboard from a distance both seems same, but actually there is a little bit difference between longboard and skateboard. This post is all about the difference between longboard and skateboard and after reading this blog post, you will be able to know the major differences between longboard and skateboard.

Difference between Longboard and Skateboard

Though physically, both longboard and skateboard appear to be the same. However, they belong to two different sports activities and have different features, which a normal skateboarder is unable to identify. However, if one is planning to be getting into skateboard related activities or thinks that he needs an eco-friendly board, then understanding the difference between longboard and skateboard can be important.

Major Difference between Both

  1. Deck Size

The clearest difference between the two boards is the variation in the deck size that they offer. Longboard, just as its name suggests, is usually longer and wider than a skateboard.

  1. Wheel Size

The wheels used by a skateboard are relatively smaller and narrower than those used by a longboard. These wheel size differences make each board suitable for different types of terrains and applications. As the longboard has larger wheels, it usually can gain higher speeds than a skateboard. On the other hand, the smaller wheels on the skateboard assist the skateboarder in preserving the balance by bringing down the center of gravity. Furthermore, the longboard tires are softer, thus making them convenient for long range journeys.

  1. Wheelbase

The wheelbase of skateboards is much shorter than longboards. This is actually due to the size of the deck employed by each board. The longer wheelbase on the longboard offers better support than a shorter wheelbase for the same size skateboard.

  1. Applications

As the longboard can be used in commuting or high-speed cruising, the skateboard can be used in performing different amazing techniques. These applications are what that a user has to keep in mind while he chooses to go for a particular board.

  1. Speed

Just as mentioned before, longboards can attain higher speed than skateboards, thanks to their larger wheels. Moreover, the overall size of the longboard enables it to achieve greater steadiness, even though, the plank is relatively higher above floor because of large sized tires.

In comparison, the skateboards are created to achieve a lower center of gravity and thus, can provide better control and good maneuverability.

  1. Terrain Suitability

Longboarding and skateboarding can be done in generally similar terrains. But if one needs to be specific about a particular type of terrain, then longboards are usually better for longer journeys and can be used on relatively uneven terrains. But if one considers the deck and tire size of skateboards, he can easily anticipate that the skateboards are more limited by even terrains than longboards. The bigger and softer tires of the longboard permit the long-boarder to drive longer distances with higher rates of speed with comparative comfort in comparison to skateboards.

Above are the few major differences between longboard and skateboard and I’m sure after reading this post, now you people are able to understand the difference between longboard and skateboard.  A lot of people around us who are fond of playing board, but sometimes they don’t either they are playing longboard and skateboard. This post is for them to know the difference between longboard and skateboard. Keep visiting the website to know the difference between and various similar terms and objects.