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Difference between English and Western Riding

Difference between English and Western Riding

English vs. Western Riding

Difference between English and western riding: – In old days horse were used in war to fight against enemies, but now days horse riding is all about enjoyment and entertainment. We can see a lot games in which horse take place directly. Polo is one of them in which, we can horse plays an important role. Also people who have a lot of money also seem the fond of horse riding. There are two types of horse riding, English horse riding and western horse riding, so here the question is what difference between English and western riding is?

Difference between English and Western Riding

Horse-riding is quite a common sport that people enjoy and is extremely popular in some parts of the world. There are many reasons behind its popularity, for example, it is a seasonal sport and most of the people love to enjoy it during picnics. Moreover, some people do it for leisure purposes or for time-pass but for rest of the world, it is an amazing sport and a competitive one, which is the main reason for why they take it very seriously. There are two different types of horse riding: English style riding and Western style riding and each one have its own features to excite its users.

  • English Riding

English riding is one of the most popular horseback ridings and has many sub-types within English riding, but the thing that is common to all those sub-types is the existence of a set English saddle. The saddle is without a deep seat, a higher cantle or a saddle horn. Furthermore, the leg pads are also absent which would normally be present as in the case of any Australian Stock Saddle. The unique thing about the saddles in the English horseback riding is actually the look of the saddles. All of the English style saddles are designed so that they permit the horse enough free space to turn in any direction pretty easily.

In addition to the moves that a normal style of horse riding would allow, it lets certain moves that are crucial for duties such as traditional dressage, to be performed with great ease. The English bridles also come in a variety of styles based on the discipline. Many of these styles have a noseband and furnished reins that happen to be buckled together by the end. This is good as it means that the bridle does not fall to the ground even when the rider gets off the horse.

Furthermore, the clothing that riders use within competitions of English riding is from old traditions and also has different styles. But at the very least as a standard is needed, the things that are common to all of them are boots, jodhpurs or breeches, a t-shirt as well as a link or a stock, a cover, headwear, or a helmet, and a coat.

  • Western Riding

Western riding is totally different from English traveling, even in terms of concept, as the western riding is inspired from warfare and customs that were introduced to the Americans by Spanish Conquistadors. As the time went by, the gear, as well as the style, developed to meet up with the requirements of the cowboy in traditional western America. Traditional western horses are specially trained to develop the ability to change course with light pressure of the rein.

This is done because the Cowboys had a need to use a lariat with one hand and had just one hand free for handling rein, so to ensure that the horses could be turned easily with the slight pressure of one hand, the technique was introduced. Furthermore, horses were provided training to be able to make decisions on their own.

Now I’m sure you people have cleared your mind about English and western horse riding. You people will be able to explain in front of someone else the difference between English and Western riding and what are actually they both.

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