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Difference between Herbs and Spices | Herbs vs Spices

Difference between Herbs and Spices | Herbs vs Spices

Herbs vs Spices

Difference between herbs and spices: – If you have cooked some time you have used them and if, on the contrary, it is someone else who prepares your food; you can be sure that you have consumed them. We refer to the herbs and spices that are used to give the best taste, smell and appearance to our dishes.

Difference between herbs and spices

If you think it is the same, continue reading, because then we explain why they are different. Below are we discussing here the difference between herbs and spices, so keep reading the post?

Generally the herbs are part of the leaves of the plants and can be sweet or have different flavors. In addition to being used in the kitchen and becoming an important part of culinary art, herbs (some of them) are used for medicinal purposes.

The herbs that are used in the kitchen can be fresh or dried. Some examples of the most used are: mint, shilajit (used to combat diabetes), oregano, basil, cilantro, among others.

Also, herbs can grow in cold, dry environments; but too much heat can damage them. When they are fresh they must be stored in the refrigerator inside some container with water so that they do not lose their flavor.

On the other hand, the spices are extracted from other parts of the plants; not its leaves. They can be obtained from roots, buds or flowers, shells, fruits and seeds. They are usually used to add flavor, color or preserve food.

Some spices are also used to make remedies. Among the most used we can mention: cinnamon, mustard, saffron, fennel, ginger and cloves. Finally, unlike herbs, spices are usually dried, not fresh. Some of the most used for medicinal purposes are: cinnamon (believed to reduce blood cholesterol), clove (for toothaches) and cumin (to keep the immune system in good condition).

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