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Difference between White and Dark Chocolate | White vs. Dark Chocolate

White vs. Dark Chocolate

Difference between white and dark chocolate: – It can be said with certainty that among the foods preferred by the majority of people in the world, chocolate occupies a very special place. We mix it with other foods, we have even assigned a particular symbolism and, if that were not enough; its origin and history is interesting and curious. Below is all about the difference between white and dark chocolate. Keep reading

Difference between white and dark chocolate

Taking into account the fact that you may also be a lover of chocolate, this time we decided to clarify the difference between white chocolate and normal or dark chocolate; as we know that people often wonder what sets them apart.

Dark or normal chocolate
This type of chocolate contains cocoa butter (the fat part), sugar and cocoa powder (the part that has no fat). Dark chocolate is characterized by having more flavors and is usually drier and crisper than white chocolate because the latter lacks cocoa solids.

Dark chocolate can be found in any store and is sold more than white chocolate, since it has more uses; for example, is used in beverages, desserts and sauces. Since dark chocolate contains more cocoa and has been positively associated with some health benefits, dark chocolate (especially black) is generally considered healthier than white chocolate.

White chocolate
White chocolate is made in the same way as dark chocolate, but unlike chocolate it does not contain cocoa solids but milk solids.

It contains more fat and is sweeter than dark chocolate, since it contains more sugar; but its taste is weaker. As for its texture, it is softer and less crunchy than normal chocolate and melts easily in the mouth. Finally, like the dark, white chocolate is used to complement some desserts, give more flavors to coffee, and prepare sauces and to give some flavor better drinks. But in general, its use is less frequent.

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