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Difference between Crafts and Handicrafts

Difference between Crafts and Handicrafts

Craft Vs. Handicraft

Difference between Crafts and Handicrafts: – More than one person has doubts about the difference between crafts and handicrafts.

Undoubtedly, there is much in common between the two; but it is not correct to ignore their differences.

Difference between Crafts and Handicrafts


Craft is considered an art form that requires specialized work in that area.

Crafts are made for two main purposes: decorative or functional.

The artisans create their works using or transforming the original raw material, that is, they do not usually use synthetic or artificial materials.

It is common to see that the craftsmen make clay vessels, ceramics, baskets all this based on natural materials.

In general, the art of craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation;

that is, the normal thing is for the children to learn it from their artisan parents.

What are the 5 types of craft media?

These crafts are classified into 5 basic types as per their form and purpose: 

  • Textile
  • decorative
  • Paper
  • Functional
  • Fashion

Craftwork consists of a set of works in series, which means, that is done as a trade; not just entertainment.

In addition, in the production of crafts, the use of tools and products that are previously prepared or that are artificial are avoided.

In the field of craftsmanship, it often happens that people do not work individually;

but it is a whole set of people who work by making replicas or handcrafted pieces.

The craftsmen create multiple works, often very similar to each other; but it is also possible that they create original and unique pieces.

Another important detail is that the craft plays a significant role in the cultural aspect of the people.

Many times, this type of works reflects the beliefs, customs, and ways of being and thinking of the inhabitants of each territory.

For this reason, it is not strange to see that tourists buy handicrafts from the places they visit.


As the name implies, crafts also work for the creation of which are especially used hands. In this case, unlike handicrafts; yes all types of materials are used.

Understand that when we talk about crafts, we refer to creations in which we do not work with the original (natural) raw material,

What Are The Function Of Craft?

but mostly used materials that have been created for different purposes.

It is common that to make various crafts, use recycled materials such as jars, CDs, bottles, and other materials such as Eva or foamy, cardboard, felt, among others.

Manuals are not necessarily made for functional purposes, in some cases, they are simply performed as a form of entertainment or hobby.

For this very reason, they are not usually made in series; that is, they are not an office.

It is also common for arts and crafts to be used in schools as a way to work on both the creative and manual skills of students.

Some typical crafts are puppets, flowers made with magazines or foamy, origami, jewelry with crystals, bracelets with colored laces, among others.


Finally, it is important to know that if the crafts are done consecutively and for commercial purposes; then they become crafts.

Key differences between crafts and crafts

  • Crafts are made for recreational purposes, while crafts pursue aesthetic or functional purposes.
  • The crafts are made from the raw material itself, while in the crafts are used all kinds of synthetic materials or not.
  • Crafts have some cultural importance, while crafts are mostly done for individual or personal purposes.
  • Crafts are not made repetitively, while handicrafts are.
  • Craft is a craft, while crafts are entertainment.

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