Difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield

Call of Duty vs. Battlefield

Difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield: – The two major multiplayer shooter in the video games industry are definitely Call of Duty and Battlefield. For a long time, these two games are dominating both in the market and one over the other.

Call of Duty is famous for its magestuously designed battlefields, which resemble real battlefields and possess a large expanse and attractive landscapes. However, both games have characters that can keep any gamer for hours on his couch, new quests, personalizing their weapons and participating in the war.

Difference between Call of Duty and Battlefield

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghost offers an extensive player customization option. In this one can choose the physical characteristics of soldiers, gender, weapons; among other things.

Battlefield 4
In this game you can play as you are the commander, give orders, command to attack and instruct the team. The graphics of the Battlefield are simply breathtaking. The game environment changes as if it were in real life. The map is more customizable than the Call of Duty. The fighting in the water is attractive given the quality of the graphics in this case.

Key differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield

  • The COD offers a variety of options when customizing the character, which is not available in the Battlefield.
  • The game play in COD is friendlier than in Battlefield.
  • Battlefield has better graphics than COD.
  • The maps are more customizable in Battlefield than in COD.