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Difference between Archeology and Paleontology

Difference between Archeology and Paleontology

Archeology Vs. Paleontology

What is the Difference between Archeology and Paleontology? In general, many people confuse the objects of study of these two sciences:

Paleontology and Archeology. Because their fields seem to relate to each other,

but although it is true that both professions have a relationship; it is important to clarify that they are not the same.

So to determine the differences between Archeology and Paleontology, it is good to know more about these two specialties first.

Difference between Archeology and Paleontology


Paleontology is responsible for the study of life in the past geological environment.

They pay special attention to the fossils of animals and plants that once lived on this planet.


Archeology focuses on the study of ancient cultures and civilizations, establishing relationships with current civilizations.

He also studies ancient human remains since one of his subspecialties is Anthropology.

In short, archeology studies prehistoric lifestyles; but unlike paleontologists, archaeologists have nothing to do with fossils.

The Key difference between Archeology and Paleontology is Paleontologists study fossils, while archaeologists focus on the life forms of prehistoric societies.

And on the other hand, Archeology is linked to Anthropology, while Paleontology uses Geology.


A Paleontologist studies fossils while an archaeologist studies human artifacts and remains.

Do archaeologists dig for dinosaurs?

Archaeology is usually linked with digging, but archaeologists do not dig specifically for dino fossils.

Paleontologists, are the scientists who specialize in the geology field, are the ones that dig up dinosaur bones. Dinosaurs disappeared long before the first humans.

On the other hand, Archaeologists study ancient people their remains.

Is paleontology part of archaeology?

As Nouns; Paleontology is a study life form that exists in geologic or prehistoric times,

While anthropology is the holistic, scientific, and social study of humans, mainly using ethnography as its method.

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