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Difference between Climate change and Global Warming

Difference between Climate change and Global Warming

Climate Change Vs. Global Warming

What is the Difference between Climate change and Global Warming?

Climate change and global warming are two phenomena very much mentioned today and people often use both terms interchangeably, perhaps because they are to some extent linked.

However, there are two different phenomena that are causing drastic changes on Earth.

Difference between Climate change and Global Warming

Here’s what the difference between Climate change and Global Warming is.

Global Warming

Global warming is the accelerated heating of the Earth’s temperature.

It Causes due to an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur gases.

Emissions from industries, burning solid waste, burning fossil fuels that are mostly used by vehicles;

They are the major sources emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases around the world; therefore, all this is considered as one of the causes of global warming.

Acceleration in heating is meaurable in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

The progressive destruction of the ozone layer (caused mainly by the gases previously mentioned) causes more and more sunbeams to reach Earth and this is what causes the warming.

Evidence of this phenomenon appears in the melting of ice caps, dry lakes, reduced habitats for animals,

increasing global temperatures, changes in climate, bleaching of corals, rising sea levels.

Global warming is the human-induced increase in global temperatures; it also causes an increase in sea level;

which eventually causes many small islands covered up by it and Extinguishing the animal and plant life around them.

Climate Change

Climate change is the natural change (it may also have anthropogenic causes) of global or regional climate over time.

A change in Earth’s energy can result in an increase or decrease in global temperatures.

There are several reasons for climate change, including volcanic eruptions, changes in ocean circulation, and even tectonic activities.

In addition, there are other factors such as precipitation, humidity, air pressure, and wind direction.

L so changes in these factors over a long period of time, led to drastic climate changes.

Climate change has been a continuous process since the formation of the Earth, but due to the human factor; has accelerated and is becoming a concern today.

Key Differences between Climate change and Global Warming

  • Global warming has to do with rising global temperatures, while climate change refers to changing climatic conditions; either globally or regionally
    • Not soley limits ifself to the increase in temperature.
    • It includes: humidity, rain, wind and other meteorological events.
  • Global warming has as its main cause the emission of greenhouse gases, while climate change; in addition to other natural factors; also has the same cause of global warming.
  • Global warming can be seen around the world, while climate change is perceived on a regional or local scale.


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