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What is the difference between THC and CBD?

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

There is a fundamental difference between THC and CBD oil.

While THC has recreational purposes, CBD is the compound with the most therapeutic effects.

All marijuana plants have THC, although science has made it possible to create strains rich in CBD with practically nonexistent levels of THC.

That means that, if you prefer, you can take advantage of the incredible properties of the CBD every day without suffering any hallucinogenic effect.

Even if you are used to consuming marijuana for its recreational effects, it is important that you know all the advantages of cannabinoids.

Difference between THC and CBD?

The fundamental difference is that THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects, while CBD belongs to another group of substances known as cannabinoids.

CBD is the main cannabinoid of marijuana. When you use marijuana, the two most potent compounds in your body are THC and CBD.

Marijuana for recreational purposes has more THC than CBD, although thanks to modern science there are now strains with virtually nonexistent levels of THC.

The therapeutic effects of CBD are increasing and well known.

The 5 reasons making me feel better from taking CBD.

  • CBD relieves anxiety

Although marijuana is related to anxiety, the culprit is THC.

CBD counteracts the harmful effects of THC and, in general, is an effective remedy to calm anxiety.

CBD can help people with chronic anxiety and those who suffer from it occasionally

  • CBD reduces blood sugar levels

Studies from 2013 found that marijuana can help regulate weight by its properties to reduce blood sugar levels.

The research found that marijuana users are less likely to develop diabetes (despite what they eat after consuming it).

Regarding the effects of CBD to treat diabetes patients, more studies are needed.

However, it is proven that CBD regulates blood sugar levels and decreases the risk of developing diabetes.

  • CBD inhibits the growth of cancer cells

Cannabinoids in marijuana stimulate certain receptors that cause pharmacological effects on the immune and central nervous systems.

It has been found that this property of cannabinoids can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In fact, these compounds are used to reduce tumors and alleviate the side effects of cancer. That is important!

  • The CBD is not psychoactive

CBD does not have the psychoactive properties of THC, so you can take advantage of its medicinal benefits without suffering hallucinogenic effects.

That means that CBD is ideal for people who seek therapeutic properties, but who do not want recreational effects.

If you have children and want to give them the medicinal benefits of marijuana without drugging them, keep in mind that marijuana with CBD and without THC is appropriate for them

  • CBD relieves chronic pain and inflammation

CBD helps relieve chronic pain by working with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for controlling pain and inflammation.

Most diseases cause some type of pain or inflammation. Luckily, CBD stimulates the correct receptors to treat these symptoms.

This property of CBD makes it an effective treatment to cure and prevent various ailments.

In fact, CBD is used as a natural method without side effects to treat different diseases.

This makes CBD a more effective treatment than pharmaceutical drugs.

To consume CBD, you can turn to CBD oils or look for marijuana plants with only CBD (although they are harder to find).

By consuming CBD I feel safer than before. But of course, the use of CBD must be accompanied by lifestyle changes in a better direction.

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