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Difference between Professional and Amateur Photographer

Difference between Professional and Amateur Photographer

Difference between Professional and Amateur Photographer:

Since the digital camera event, the boundary between professional and amateur photographers has become increasingly blurred.

Why use a professional photographer to make his photographs rather than an amateur photographer or do they alone?

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Which photographs do you wish to do?

This choice will depend on several criteria like what is the place you want to photograph. What is the purpose of these photographs? On which media do you want to use them? Under what conditions should the shooting take place? All his answers must lead to a global reflection.

We tend to forget because it is much easier than before to make a beautiful photo, delete or start again those we do not like.

There is a technical aspect and a vision in photography that is acquired through experience, training, and of course thanks to talent.

Photographing the interior of a room for example requires more thought than it seems.

Adapt to the ambient light, and pay attention to the details, the framing, and the angle of view.

A professional photographer requires some experience and will surely save you valuable time for quality rendering.

Experience of a Professional Photographer

So we are not saying that an amateur photographer will not be able to have a similar rendering, but there is more risk that he does not take into account all the details that make the difference.

Accustomed to photographing the places in the sandstone of these desires, it is much more complicated to respect precise specifications as an amateur photographer.

It is also complicated to know how to reproduce identical shooting conditions.

Beautiful light and a beautiful subject can make a beautiful picture.

However, the shooting conditions are often very random and if they are bad you should know how to get a similar rendering.

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The difference is not a question of talent but a question of the profession.

Choosing to become a professional photographer implies methodical, regular work so as to constantly improve thanks to the experience gained.

Photographer, an endangered profession

No, the profession of the photographer is not endangered.

It is true that the market is maturing, competition is increasing, and it is now more difficult to find a place in the sun.

But the thing to keep in mind is that in the long run, only the real professionals will survive.

Good to Know

As in all sectors of activity, it is not possible to have excellent billing at the entry-level rate.

It’s pretty simple to understand and remember, and yet it’s after the fact that grinding your teeth is heard.

The difference lies essentially in the following points:

  • A post-treatment of up to 4 days of extra work.
  • Relational quality with your wedding photographer
  • The know-how of a good photographer
    • (who does not lead you, who does not ask you, and who carries out a pro report).
  • Work that is not timed (arrival before the time, end of the marriage when you decide it).
  • The ordinary result on the one hand against an artistic result
  • Simple digital SLR box against the best professional boxes

A photographer who sells between $300 and $800 will not spend 3 to 4 days on the post-processing of your photos, but this is what will make the difference between the two services (apart from the expertise of the photographer).

Remember this: a photographer tries to sell himself always at the price he can pretend to do.

Choose a photographer: well equipped!

The camera is not enough to make beautiful photos; it must also know everything.

Choose a sensitive and attentive photographer.

In Summary:

  • Introduction on the subject: it is important because you will keep these memories all your life.
  • What criteria to retain? Choose the photographer whose work moved you.
  • What criteria not to consider? The baseness of prices should not guide your choices, the same for the number of photos announced.
  • The classic traps

To start with the simplest and most valuable advice:

Choose a photographer whose work you have charmed, and seduced, is the guarantee to get the same result on your wedding photos.

Choose a photographer at a simple competitive price on photos that did not charm you, it is the guarantee of having the same result; it will have the only advantage of having saved you some money.

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