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Differences between Gold Filled and Gold Plated

Differences between Gold Filled and Gold Plated

It’s no wonder gold is a popular choice for jewelry buyers. Whether you like the color, appreciate its symbolic value, or simply enjoy how it enhances any outfit; solid gold accessories can add luster and life to your wardrobe. However, some may not be aware of the subtle but important distinctions between gold-filled and gold-plated metals – two variations of this precious metal that affect cost and quality. Here in this blog post, we’ll explain all there is to know about the differences between these two jewelry varieties so you can choose what’s right for you!

What is Gold Filled?

  • Gold Filled is a unique process resulting in a precious metal piece that offers an economical alternative to solid gold. It is created using an advanced bonding process, in which a sheet of precious metal is bonded under pressure and heat to a base metal such as brass or copper.
  • Gold-filled items are typically marked 14/20 Gold Filled, denoting the ratio of Gold to alloy used. Gold-filled products offer the look and feel of genuine gold at only a fraction of the cost, so buyers can get high-end pieces for relatively low prices.
  • Gold-filled jewelry is also more durable than regular plated pieces which makes it ideal for people who wear jewelry often or perform activities that could damage plated items quickly. Gold-filled pieces offer lasting beauty and quality for those who love fine jewelry but don’t want to break the bank!

What is Gold Plated?

  • Gold Plating is a process of designing products or items with an extremely thin layer of Gold, which is often used for an ornamental feel. Gold Plating began long ago as a way to give expensive objects a regal appearance and over the centuries has been refined to become quite popular among many for use when decorating homes or offices, jewelry pieces, and many other accessories.
  • Gold Plated products bring a beautiful, elegant and unique look that can make all kinds of items look luxurious and classy. Gold Plating can also be used to protect certain objects from corrosion, temperature changes, and damage to the environment.
  • Gold Plated items are available in various thicknesses so customers’ needs can be met depending on what they use them for. Gold Plating is modernizing the way individuals customize their belongings at reasonably priced costs.

Differences between Gold Filled and Gold Plated

Gold Filled and Gold Plated are two popular choices when it comes to jewelry metal, but it’s important to understand their differences.

  • Gold Filled consists of a thick layer of gold that is permanently bonded with heat and pressure to a brass core.
  • Gold Plated, on the other hand, is much thinner and has a microscopic amount of gold covering a base metal such as copper or silver.
  • Gold Filled items can last for years and doesn’t fade or tarnish easily, while Gold Plated ones are more susceptible to wear over time and may need to be replated periodically.

Gold Filled products are a great investment for those looking for quality jewelry with the appearance of solid gold at a fraction of the price.


Gold-filled jewelry is a great option if you want the look of gold without having to worry about wear and tear. It’s also a more affordable option than solid gold. If you’re looking for something that will last, though, gold-plated jewelry might be a better choice. Plating can chip or fade over time, but it’s much less expensive than gold-filled jewelry.

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