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Difference between Lipstick and Lip gloss | Lipstick vs Lip gloss

Difference between Lipstick and Lip gloss | Lipstick vs Lip gloss

Lipstick vs Lip gloss

Difference between lipstick and lip gloss: – Since someone makes mention of lipstick and lip gloss the first thing that comes to mind are images of colorful and glossy lips, however, although they are important part of the makeup of many women; The truth is that there are still someone’s who do not know the difference between lipstick and lip gloss yet.

Difference between lipstick and lip gloss

If you also have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between lip gloss and lipstick.

As the name suggests, in this case it is a pencil. Frequently even among the Spanish speaking public is known by its English equivalent “lipstick”.

A lipstick or lipstick is a type of cosmetic that usually comes in a tubular container and is used to color the lips. Often the finish of the pencil is matte (although there are also gloss) and tends to last longer, but has the disadvantage of being difficult to apply under certain circumstances and dry the lips occasionally.

It is believed that women of ancient Mesopotamia may have been the first to wear lipstick. Since then the lipstick we know contains pigments, oils, wax and emollients.

Lip gloss
On the other hand, the lip gloss is characterized precisely by leaving the lips not only with color, but also with brightness. Unlike lipstick, apply it using a small brush or brush.

While it is true that this type of cosmetic has certain advantages over lipstick, as they are: easier to applicant and keeps lips moist; It is also important to take into account the fact that among its disadvantages are: lasts less time once applied, depending on the brightness intensity; Its use could be more restricted only for the night and, you cannot create different shades because it mixes.

Finally, regardless of your preferences, it is good that you consider the aspects mentioned before deciding what you are going to apply to your lips; since each product has its advantages and disadvantages and you have to decide for the one that suits you according to the moment.

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