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Difference between Shampoo and Conditioner | Shampoo vs Conditioner

Difference between Shampoo and Conditioner | Shampoo vs Conditioner

Shampoo vs Conditioner

Difference between shampoo and conditioner: – Hygiene and personal care are very important aspects in the lives of all of us, for this reason, the market is crowded with products oriented to satisfy our needs in these matters. In any store we can find from shavers to swabs, as well as many other products and instruments that are already part of our personal grooming routine. Here you will learn about the difference between shampoo and conditioner, so keep moving.

Difference between shampoo and conditioner

Now, in general, we not only want to smell good and be clean, but to see ourselves more beautiful; So it is not surprising that in the case of hair care we find both shampoo and conditioner that promises to not only clean our hair, but also make it much more beautiful.

If at the moment you are wondering what is the difference between shampoo and conditioner or just want a little more information about it, continue reading, because then we explain everything related to this topic.

Shampoo is perhaps the product mostly used to clean hair. This word comes from the Hindi “shampoo” that refers to massage in the head used some type of oil, since before this substance was invented people used to wash their hair with soap or aromatic oils.

Due to the fact that the soap made the hair look dull and unhealthy and that the oils were impractical in some cases and also expensive, the need arose to invent the shampoo; which today is an important part of almost all households.

Shampoo as such began to be marketed in the twentieth century, since before that it had only been possible to make a mixture in which aromatic herbs and soap were boiled. The first shampoo based on synthetic substances was introduced in the year 1930 and its formula is based on modern detergents.

The shampoo formula can vary greatly depending on the company that produces it, but is characterized by always foam (something that does not happen in the case of the conditioner).

On the other hand, the conditioner is a product that is normally used to improve the condition of the hair; either softening it to comb it or avoiding that the texture of the same is ruined.

The first conditioner was invented in the year 1900 and was presented in the form of glitter. It was intended to soften the hair of men. In spite of everything, it was not until the 1970 that the conditioner came as a product to the market.

The conditioner is applied after the shampoo, since the latter removes much of the natural fat from the hair; then the rinse or conditioner balances the texture of the hair leaving it neither too dry nor too oily.

Finally, there are various types of conditioners on the market and we can regularly notice that they focus on particular (rarely general) problems, such as hair loss, dryness, lack of brightness, broken tips. Also some shampoos contain both cleaner and conditioner.

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