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Difference between Jail and Prison

Difference between Jail and Prison

Jail vs. Prison

Difference between Jail and Prison: – Jails and prisons are centers that offer the facility to confine individuals who are believed to have committed crimes or broken the law. Both are part of the justice system of each nation and the rules that apply there depend on the context.

They are included in the justice system along with courts, laws, police and criminal laboratories. It is because of these things that they have in common and the similarity of their purpose that many people believe that it is the same, when in fact it is not so.

Difference between Jail and Prison

If you have doubts about it or just want a little more information, continue reading, because then we explain to you the difference between jail and prison.

Prisons are used when there is evidence that the person who was previously charged actually committed one or more crimes, but not only that, but when those crimes are really serious: murder, terrorism, etc

Because they are serious crimes, those sent to prison are supposed to spend more years in prison than those who go to jail. Likewise, prisons are usually larger than prisons, with more facilities and guards. They are made to house even the most dangerous criminals. The best equipped and most secure prisons are known as “maximum security prisons”.

On the other hand, jails are used to house criminals who have committed minor crimes or those who are waiting for their trial or sentence.

Prisoners are usually sent to jails that have to comply with sentences of 1 year or younger there. Given this characteristic of jails, they are often less equipped than prisons and their security is also lower. Finally, the main difference between jail and prison lies in the reason they are used (which we have been explaining so far)

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