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Difference between Geography and Topography

Difference between Geography and Topography

Geography vs. Topography

What is Difference between Geography and Topography? Our planet and all the places in it are of great interest to many people, which is a very logical thing; since this is our home, but also the places that are outside the Earth arouse our curiosity. When we talk about territories and places we are most likely to think about Geography, however, there is also the Topography Is there any difference between Geography and Topography? Keep reading and you will see that yes.

Difference between Geography and Topography


Geography addresses the study of territories and places on the planet, taking into account the context in which they are located, how they differ and why. It studies the spatial variations and takes into account the history of how the different spaces have evolved over time. In addition to these studies, it also deals with that of inhabitants and phenomena related to land.

According to Wikipedia, the first person to use the word “geography” was Eratosthenes (276-194 BC). This field of knowledge serves as a basis for many others. An important feature of Geography has to do with the use of maps that are used to record information. Examine the natural environment. It deals with studying soil production and interaction: climate, water and geographic features.


It has much to do with Geography and is responsible for the study of the natural and artificial characteristics of places and territories. It takes into account factors such as relative positions and elevations related to landscapes. It includes the study of these characteristics anywhere, whether on Earth, the moon, an asteroid or a distant planet.

One of the main objectives of this science is the study of latitude (distance from north to south of Ecuador), length (distance between east and west of the meridian) and elevation (altitude above sea level).

In conclusion, Topography and Geography differ from each other. The first deals with the study of the forms and characteristics of places, regardless of whether or not they are on this planet; while the second focuses on the study and description of the Earth, taking into account factors such as the climate, its inhabitants and its characteristics.

Geography is limited to the description and representation of places and territories of the Earth, while topography describes and represents places regardless of whether or not they are on this planet. Geography studies the Earth and its characteristics, while Topography focuses on studying the shape of surfaces; including its relief.

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