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Difference between Rural and Urban Areas

Difference between Rural and Urban Areas

Rural vs. Urban

What is Difference between Rural and Urban Areas? Do you live in an urban or rural area? How do you know what kind of zone it is? What characteristics does it present? No doubt there are many things that characterize each region and there are several aspects in which they differ. The areas of human settlement are classified depending on many things. Currently, in some places; the area where you live is used as a reference to define the type of person you are. Below this post is all about the difference between rural and urban areas.

Difference between Rural and Urban Areas

If a place is considered as urban or rural varies depending on the country and culture. However, almost all countries agree on many of the issues that make the difference.

Urban Areas

Urban areas are characterized by greater population density and human diversity compared to rural areas. Generally, cities and large towns are classified as urban areas. Likewise, the zones of greater economic development are the urban ones. Metropolitan cities, which are satellites, are also considered as urban places.

On the other hand, urban areas are characterized by high degrees of pollution (noise and air above all); due in large part to large-scale industrialization and lifestyles; this last detail has often been associated with the greater degree of stress that people living in cities tend to suffer. Pollution in urban areas is high because of the huge number of people, cars, buses, trains, factories. But just as industrialization damages the environment, it is also responsible for a higher employment rate in urban areas compared to rural areas.

Lifestyle in urban areas is considered to be fast paced, that is; that almost no one has time to enjoy the little things. People are often described as being addicted to work or having an active social life. The urbanization also includes the most advanced technology and science, where hospitals are more prepared and have more machinery and people. Also, people living in urban areas usually have smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers … technologies that are often not available in the field.

Rural Areas

The rural areas are characterized by having small communities very close and because spaces; unlike what happens in cities, they are not small. It is common for people living in rural areas to know each other. Some small places or places are considered as rural areas. This type of human settlement area is also characterized by its small population and the development of agriculture and livestock. Many people in rural areas are considered farmers or farmers.

Rural areas are more dependent on natural resources and organic materials. In some cases they have small shops and family businesses, in contrast to large supermarkets in urban areas. In rural areas, as is to be expected; the environment does not suffer great damage and life is lived at a more relaxed and relaxed pace. People hold social gatherings and other similar events. But the disadvantage of the field in comparison with the city is that it has less technology and the economy is less developed; therefore, there is less possibility of employment. This last detail has always been one of the main factors by which the people of the fields migrate to the cities.

Key Differences between Rural and Urban Areas

  • In urban areas spaces are smaller than in rural areas.
  • Population density is higher in cities (urban areas) than in fields (rural areas).
  • Economics, technology and science are more developed in urban areas, while in rural areas; agriculture and livestock have more weight.
  • The pace of life is more accelerated and stressful in cities than in fields.
  • There is more pollution in urban than in rural areas.

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