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Difference between DDR3 and DDR5 | DDR3 vs. DDR5

Difference between DDR3 and DDR5 | DDR3 vs. DDR5

DDR3 vs. DDR5

Difference between DDR3 and DDR5:- A lot of people around who are fond of using new cell phones and devices. They people probably buy a new cell phone and devices without knowing a lot about them. But few people also exist who have a lot concerned about the functionalities of devices. DDR3 and DDR5 are two major devices, which may see in the use now days. Here the question is what difference between DDR3 and DDR5 is and which we should choose?

Difference between DDR3 and DDR5

Most of the people are quick to decide, just by looking at their names, that DDR5 is way better than DDR3, as it is newer as compared to the later one. However, it is quite a surprise that there are many cases where DDR3 can outclass DDR5 pretty easily.

DDR5 has a greater bandwidth than DDR3, which means that the DDR5 ram memory will allow more information to pass through in a shorter timeframe. But this is also determined by memory clock acceleration and bits. The bandwidth also gets affected by the clock speed of the RAM. In most cases of the rule of thumb, 256 little is twice as fast as 128 tads. Or if one compares the memory access time, then 400mHz is two times faster than 200mHz.

DDR5 can be used in GPU’s only, whereas DDR3 can be used on PC’s, too. Moreover, DDR5 is ill-suited to multiple small tasks, and that is where DDR3 carries out just a little better. DDR5 isn’t optimized for a huge number of small memory related tasks.

Which one you should go with: XBOX or PS4

Now, the only question that arises is that if DDR5 memory is way better for video game consoles, then why didn’t Microsoft choose to set up DDR3 in their gaming console? Now, there’s a straightforward answer to it and that is “they didn’t need to”. Actually, the choice of memory depends on many other factors rather than the need for speed alone.

But honestly, both of these gaming consoles are perfect. The PS4 is a lot more impressive offering when it comes to hardware. Actually, GPU on the XBOX is just a little weaker than the main one used in the PS4. But as you already know, memory can hamper the performance of your GPU. So, the better the GPU, the greater importance the memory size holds.

Sony chose a far more powerful GPU and therefore they needed the DDR5 ram memory to optimize their system. However, Microsoft didn’t need the memory update, so they preserved the cost.

What difference does indeed this make between your consoles?

To be honest, the difference made between consoles because of DDR3 and DDR5 is very little. In the event that you play on an XBOX and then turn to a PS4, the largest difference would be the remote. Even the graphical performance of these systems is almost same. This ultimately means that DDR5 ram memory doesn’t seem to be to make a lot of a difference by any means. But if you ask me, then it offers more potential, and it’s really only a matter of time before XBOX chooses to use it inside their game consoles, too.

Now you must be sure about that which device you want to buy and which one is better for you. You just need what function you requires and from where you can find them. As now it clears to you the difference between DDR3 and DDR5, you should be sure about your decision.

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