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Difference between DOS and DDOS Attacks | DOS vs. DDOS Attacks

Difference between DOS and DDOS Attacks | DOS vs. DDOS Attacks

DOS vs. DDOS Attacks

Difference between DOS and DDOS attacks: – Now days where the use of technology has become common, here we can also see that hackers are also become so active. They not only interrupt and hack the small programs and websites, but we have seen in past that they have hacked and completely damaged the large operating systems as well. Here people who have a little bit interest in hacking, they probably ask the question what difference between DOS and DDOS attacks is.

Difference between DOS and DDOS

Denial of service (DOS) and Dynamic Denial of Service (DDOS) are tools employed by hackers to disrupt online services. Most of the times, these tools prove to be quite dangerous especially when they are targeted at bigger companies, as it can cost these companies a huge amount of money. If you operate a business that is probably a target for just one of these problems, or if you are just enthusiastic about the subject, then continue reading to understand the basic difference between DOS and DDOS attacks and to know how you can guard yourself against these kinds of attacks.

  • DOS Attacks

A Daniel of Service (DOS) attack is a technique which is used to try to overload an internet service (website) with traffic. The target is to disrupt the website or network to be able to stop genuine users from being able to access the service. DOS attack is usually launched from an individual machine.

Suppose a shopping mall has created a website and has announced an event. Now, what these DOS attackers do is that they send illegitimate traffic masses to the server and give them the access which blocks the consumers (genuine traffic) from accessing the main website. So, when consumers can’t reach the store website, it ultimately loses cash.

  • DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are usually more serious than DOS attacks. They are simply launched from multiple computers. In fact, the number of machines employed for implementing a serious DDOS attack can be in thousands or even more. Not all of the machines are owned by the attacker, in a natural way. Actually, these machines are usually put into the hacker’s network through malware. This network of machines is also called a botnet. A DDOS attack is difficult to guard against because it is difficult to identify genuine traffic from attacker traffic.

There are various types of DDOS attacks, such as HTTP or SYN flooding. HTTP flooding is the technique of sending thousands and millions of emails to produce a large number of demands to the server so that it can’t overwhelm it. The SYN overflow, on the other hand, fills the TCP network with unacknowledged packets of data. This may have dire outcomes and may also impact users that have nothing to do with the attacks.

Reasons behind DOS and DDOS attacks

There can be many reasons for these kinds of attacks. The primary reason behind most of the attacks that occur against large businesses is that they are outclassing their market and their competitors or maybe corporations are in warfare and waging it on the internet or it might be someone who is seeking revenge for something. Or, as in our shopping mall example above, maybe it’s orchestrated by activists. Also known as “hackers”, some bad guys can also use this technique to extract money from the website.

How do you protect against it

Avoiding DOS disorders can be quite simple. The webmasters can blacklist the attacker’s IP address at firewall or ISP level. Some security tools and venture products are also available which can stop ICMP or SYN disorders.

DDOS problems are way harder to protect against, and there are several methods. Among these involve getting the ISP all inbound garbage traffic to the web server. This assists in securing the client’s private information. Use of SYN cookies or HTTP change proxies can be used, depending on the type of attack.

DOS and DDOS attacks are not the only things, which are hackers to hack programs and websites. If you have interest, you need to learn all the basics of programming. Though this is one fact that DOS and DDOS are probably used in hacking and you need to learn the difference between DOS and DDOS, but still a lot more you need to learn. Keep visiting the website to learn more about such similar things and objects.

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