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Difference between Visa and Passport

Difference between Visa and Passport

Visa vs. Passport

What is Difference between Visa and Passport? International travel requires a visa and passport. Those are two important things when looking to visit different countries, but there are some differences between both documents that would be good to know. Below this post is all about the difference between Visa and Passport.

Difference between Visa and Passport

A passport is a document issued by the national government and used as a personal identification when people travel abroad. This document includes some personal information such as the name of the bearer, nationality, address, date of birth or age, among others. Due to the fact that it includes these data, the passport is used as a means to prove the identity of the bearer.

On the other hand, a visa is an official document that is issued as a form of permission to enter or reside in a country. If someone wants to visit a certain place, he has to make sure he owns the visa for that specific place; since not all countries have the same requirements to grant this type of permit. There are some countries like Albania, Kenya and Austria, which do not require a visa; however, most countries around the world do require it.

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