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Difference between Quality and Quantity

Difference between Quality and Quantity

Quality Vs. Quantity

What is the Difference between Quality and Quantity?

Quantity and quality are two terms that on more than one occasion can be related and even confused, especially when we hear them in the context of business, scientific research, and physics, and even in daily life.

Difference between Quality and Quantity

If you also have doubts about it, continue reading, because below we tell you the differences between quality and quantity.


Quality refers to the characteristics of something, such characteristics may be convenient or not, and depending on how accepted or useful they are for others will evaluate a product or service as good or poor quality.

It is subjective since what some may consider high quality perhaps for others is not.

The quality depends on many factors that go beyond the product or service.

Quality is an individual opinion, but in the end, what is sought is to measure excellence; that is why it is said that quality is the measure of excellence or the state of something.

When you try to measure the quality of something, what you do is take its description.

How and what it’s made, what it offers or does not offer, and what it occupies when compared to other things.


On the other hand, one of the most notable differences between quality and quantity is that the latter is not subjective.

The quantity is not something that depends on each individual to be determined, it is a target numerical value (if there are five things, then there are five, not six or feel) that is given to a product, good or service.

The amount could also be the size or sum of something.

In the field of business, there has always been discussion around what is more important, whether quality or quantity.

In this sense, the opinions have always been divided since some bosses consider one or the other as the central axis.

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Comparison table

  Quality Quantity
1 Is subjective Is not subjective
2 Quality Refers to characteristics or features of something Quantity refers to the numerical value of something.
3 Quality is a conditional and perceptual attribute Quantity exist as a magnitude or multitude
4 The Phone has great picture quality. The Phone has a 4K resolution.

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