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Difference between Tea and Coffee | Tea vs Coffee

Difference between Tea and Coffee | Tea vs Coffee

Tea vs Coffee

Difference between Tea and Coffee: – Tea and Coffee are the most common drinks of the world, especially in winter season we can the use of tea and coffee in all over the world. In Pakistan, India and Srilanka, the use of tea and coffee is little bit more than other parts of the world. Here the question is what is the difference between tea and coffee?

Difference between Tea and Coffee


Tea is a drink created from the dried-out leaves and buds of a bush, known by the name of Camellia Sinensis. There are two types of tea, as each type offers a unique taste, so it can come to the mind of people that there must be the difference of leaves. But this never is the case, as the leaves are same; the only difference that lies between them is based on fermentation of the leaves.

For the preparation of tea, these dried leaves or buds are boiled in drinking water. Some individuals prefer to add milk to the mixture, according to their choice. Other styles are also used in several traditions and ethnicities. Tea has an extended background and is also used as a cure for several diseases. Recent studies show that tea can prove to be quite effective in a case of cardiovascular disease and malignancies. Some materials in tea are also known for treatment of joint disease and other inflammatory disorders.


Coffee is prepared by making use of the roasted beans, of the coffee flower, which mostly grows in Africa. The one-third population of the world chooses this beverage because of its refreshing nature and high level of caffeine in it, which is responsible for producing stimulating effects. Caffeine helps the asthma patient, as it relaxes the bronchi. Normal coffee, brewed coffee, instant coffee, and decaf brewed coffee are among the few types of coffee, used all around the world.

Everyone has his own recipe to produce a glass of coffee. For example, some people love to enjoy with milk, whereas some people like to drink dark-colored coffee. Caffeine is also recognized to lessen the chance of Parkinson’s disease, as it improves the quantity of dopamine in the blood vessels, which is essential for the correct functioning of the mind. Caffeine in the coffee also functions as a stimulus, helping its users to remain awake late, especially during the night time.

Major Differences between Tea and Coffee

  1. Coffee and tea differ in taste.
  2. Both are prepared from evergreen crops. For example, tea is extracted from the leaves and buds of tea seed; and coffee beans are used to prepare coffee.
  3. Both plants are capable of developing into a sizable tree, but the height is retained by trimming the shrubs.
  4. Coffee and tea both contain caffeine; however, the amount of caffeine is greater in coffee than tea.
  5. Coffee can help the patients of Parkinson’s disease and asthma, while tea is well known because of its good results in malignancy and heart-related diseases. Tea also reduces cholesterol rate and blood vessels clotting.
  6. Coffee plants are grown in Africa; whereas Tea leaves are exotic and are found in sub-tropical climates.

I’m sure after reading these major differences between tea and coffee, now you will be able to let other people know the difference. Keep visiting the website to learn more about such similar things and objects, which confuses us in our day to day lives.

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