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Difference between Retro and Vintage | Retro vs Vintage

Difference between retro and vintage

Retro vs Vintage

Difference between retro and vintage: – “Retro” and “Vintage” are two descriptive labels for two different fashion styles. But also, these two words are usually applied to other objects designed; Such as some vehicles.

Difference between retro and vintage

After reading this post, I’m sure you will never ask someone to what is the difference between retro and vintage?

Fashion Vintage:
As for clothing and fashion, a vintage garment is one that follows the style of the 1920s to the 80s (1920-1980).

Vintage clothing echoes the style that was popular during these periods. The word vintage can refer to both the model and the style or age of objects or clothing. Objects and clothes in this style use old patterns and old materials.

The vintage is closely related to the taste for antiquities, where elements must be 100 years old or older to be considered as such. As for clothing, it is usually formal and elegant; Include dresses with many details and designs; With cuts and very modest lengths compared to modern clothes. Vintage clothing has smaller proportions and is considered as original and authentic as far as inspiration terms and designs are concerned.

Vintage: is a word that was first used in reference to the age of wine? It is also used to refer to secondhand clothing. It is an Anglo-French word and was first used in the 15th century. It can be used as adjective and noun.

Retro fashion:
A term related to the vintage, is retro. Retro is a style that refers to previous designs and fashion trends. It is also known as “vintage inspiration”. The retro is different from the vintage with respect to appearance and material.

Retro clothing has a more modern and polished appearance, that is; Which for the manufacture of garments are inspired by old styles and designs, but new or contemporary materials are used. Retro is mostly borrowed, reproduced and imitated design.

Some words that represent the essence of the retro are “retrospective” or “hindsight”. It is a word of Latin origin, which means “backwards”. As for age, retro clothing is more recent than vintage and designs are inspired especially in the decades of 1960-1970.

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