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Difference between Samsung and Apple | Samsung vs. Apple

Difference between Samsung and Apple | Samsung vs. Apple

Samsung vs. Apple

Difference between Samsung and Apple: – Samsung and Apple are undoubtedly two of the companies that dominate the mobile market at the moment, but although they have their distinctive features, not everyone knows exactly what they are and many are confused when choosing between these two brands.

Difference between Samsung and Apple

If you have doubts about what is the Difference between Samsung and Apple or just looking for a little more information to complement what you already know, then read on, because here are some brief details about these two companies, so that you understand what each one offers and you can choose the products that best suit you.

To begin with, Apple is self-identified by its “I”, which means innovation or innovation. It is a company with a long history, since it launched its first computer (model of personal computer) in 1976; which was designed and marketed by Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik.

Apple positioned itself at a crucial moment, when it was launched its 5th generation. Over time, as it solidified, it developed an extremely efficient and efficient chain of suppliers.

Apple’s system is divided among different operating systems: Mac (computer line), iPod (music player), iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad (tablet). Apple is considered the second largest information and technology company.

On the other hand, Samsung is better positioned in terms of development and potential increase is concerned. The founder of this company is Lee Byung-Chul and the date of its foundation was the year 1938. In that then it began being a commercial company.

Finally, in recent years this group has expanded to other areas, including food processing, textiles, and insurance, among others. Since the mid-1970s, Samsung has expanded its activities around the world; but appliances and particularly smartphones, have become its most significant source of income.

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