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Difference between Residence and Citizenship

Difference between Residence and Citizenship

Residence vs. Citizenship

What is Difference between Residence and Citizenship? Residency and citizenship are two words that come to mind when you think of people leaving your country to get into another and although not many experience confusion about the difference between one thing and the other, it is always good to have it right in clear what the differences between the two consist.

Also, it is important to know what the privileges that are obtained are by being residents of a country and which would be obtained as a citizen; all taking into consideration those privileges and the duties that they entail can vary widely depending on the country.

Difference between Residence and Citizenship

If you have doubts or want more information about difference between residence and citizenship, then continue reading.


A person who has a status of resident in a country has the legal support to remain in that territory. Legally it is allowed to be in the country in question as well as to work in it; however, these are the only rights that a residence brings with it.

A resident can pay the necessary taxes and thus enjoy the benefits of social security offered by the country. The state of residence must be renewed from time to time, even if the person retains the same status for life. If a person residing in a country leaves for a long period of time, their resident status may be in danger; since to maintain the status of residence it is necessary that the person live within the country in which he claims to have it. Likewise, if a resident commits a crime he may lose his residence.


On the other hand, when a person is a citizen of a country has more rights and can obtain more legal benefits within it. In addition to the benefits of being able to work within that territory, you also have the possibility to participate in political voting, aspire to some position in the State and have the passport of the country of which you are a citizen.

The above mentioned benefits are added some duties as: follow the laws of the country, pay taxes and perform military service if necessary. There are many ways to get a citizenship, for example: if the parents are citizens (or one of the two is), being born within the country in question, marrying a citizen, applying for political asylum, living in the country for a lot time and renouncing the citizenship that one has to assume the new.

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