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Difference between Rich and Poor

Difference between Rich and Poor

Rich vs. Poor

What is Difference between Rich and Poor? “Rich” and “poor” are adjectives that are often used to describe people’s social and economic status. They describe the two opposite sides of the spectrum, and those who belong to one side or the other are attributed other characteristics or conditions that do not always correspond to reality.

Difference between Rich and Poor

Surely you know the difference between rich and poor, but if you have doubts about it or want some more information, continue reading; because then we explain it to you.


This term is usually used to refer to people who possess material wealth, be it money, property, business, among others. People who are considered wealthy, or rather, who are certainly wealthy can easily get some amenities or have certain luxuries that go beyond simple basic needs: food, shelter, shelter … although not all of these benefits are necessarily unattainable for the people with less resources, there are some that the latter cannot have.

On the other hand, this adjective is not only used to describe individuals; but also countries, regions, communities and nations that have abundant resources and have exploited them so that wealth is reflected in the citizens or people who belong to the same place.

It is common for people with many material riches to be perceived as frivolous, superficial and arrogant; however, often this perception is only a product of prejudice or even envy on the part of those who may wish to have the same status and cannot; Now, this does not mean that there are certainly not many rich cases that have all the negative characteristics mentioned above.


In another order, people who do not possess material wealth such as money, property, business are considered poor. There are different degrees of poverty, poor subjects with some comforts and individuals living in extreme poverty who have neither to eat.

Considering the above, it should be noted that not all the poor are limited in their ability to meet their basic needs; in some cases what happens is simply that they cannot access extra amenities and cannot afford certain luxuries. For example, there are poor people who have food, shelter, roof and even vehicles; but you cannot afford a vacation in the Caribbean or buy a large mansion.

At the end of this spectrum are those who live on the streets and who cannot meet their basic needs: education, food, water, health and information. As in the previous case, a community, region, group, country or nation can also be considered as poor.

Finally, certain groups may perceive the poor as lazy, crude, ill-educated, delinquent, and as subjects of little morality; however, just as in the case of the perception that some have of the rich, these ideas often have their origin in false beliefs and prejudices; although of course, there are cases in which they may be true. On both sides there are delinquents and people of good behavior.


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