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Difference between Psychology and Parapsychology

Difference between Psychology and Parapsychology

Psychology vs. Parapsychology

Difference between Psychology and Parapsychology: – Being the object of study of Psychology (human behavior) such a wide and complex subject, it is not surprising that this science (which for some is no more than a discipline) is divided into several branches; but among the many branches of Psychology is Parapsychology, which, although not really a branch of the first; because of the relationship between the two terms more than one believes that it is.

Note: some parapsychologists claim that Parapsychology is a branch of Psychology, but there is no general consensus as to this.

Difference between Psychology and Parapsychology

Leaving aside the controversy that if it is science or discipline or that if the studies are real or not, then we limit ourselves to explain to you the difference between Parapsychology and Psychology.

As we have already said, this science is in charge of the study of human behavior. It combines the knowledge of Biology with those of Philosophy to better understand how and why people behave in a certain way in different situations.

Psychology takes into account what we think, feel and how all that and other elements influence the way we act. In addition, in some cases it even seeks to predict the behavior of individuals against certain stimuli.

Today it is also common for psychology to help with neurology to understand even better how our brain and neurons work and how this impacts our way of acting. At the same time, professionals in this area; that is, psychologists occupy a very important place in society, since they help people deal with problems of anxiety, stress, and trauma; among others.

On the other hand, Parapsychology is a pseudoscience (not a branch of Psychology) and those who dedicate to it study the paranormal phenomena; that is to say, those phenomena related to supernatural elements and for which “many cannot find logical explanations”.

Parapsychology studies phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and experiences with supernatural beings or “from the other world”.

Key Differences between Parapsychology and Psychology

  • Psychology is a science, while Parapsychology is a pseudoscience.
  • Psychology studies the phenomena related to human behavior, while Parapsychology studies supernatural phenomena.
  • Psychology uses the scientific method in its investigations, while Parapsychology does not.

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