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Difference between Vampires and Zombies | Vampires vs. Zombies

Difference between Vampires and Zombies | Vampires vs. Zombies

Vampires vs. Zombies

Difference between Vampires and Zombies: – Vampires and zombies have become part of popular culture today, so almost everyone knows what they are regardless of their non-existence. Interest in these creatures has left and will continue to result in hundreds of books, movies and other types of publications whose central theme are vampires or zombies.

We know that if you are also a fan of these creatures you know how they differ, but just in case you have any doubts, continue reading; because then we tell you what the difference between zombies and vampires is.

Difference between Vampires and Zombies

Legends about vampires date back to ancient times. Almost all ancient cultures had their own stories about creatures that fed on blood and flesh. Of these creatures, it was commonly said that they were women who seduced men and then took their blood.

After a long time, vampires became incredibly popular with Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. With this character was introduced the modern vampire, which gave way to the stereotype of romantic vampire that prevails today.

In a general sense, both romantic and cruel vampires have been described from the outset as being physically attractive, charismatic, seductive, cults and charming. The only detail that has changed is that in antiquity (even if attributed to some of the qualities mentioned above) were seen as vicious demons. It was the books and films that have humanized them a little more.

Some of the skills commonly associated with vampires are telekinesis, telepathy, superhuman strength, and the ability to convert or control certain animals. On the other hand, the weaknesses of these beings include: garlic, mirrors, wooden stakes, sunlight, blood of the dead and many other things.

On the other hand, the zombies have gained more popularity in the last decade. In general they are less popular than vampires and the legends and myths related to them are more modern than those of vampires.

Zombies are corpses that for some reason (is it a virus or some out of control experiment) can walk, although without conscience and have an uncontrolled desire for human flesh. In the African tradition, zombies are not the product of diseases or scientific failures; but a form of magic that involves the living dead and the person who revives it and takes possession of his will.

The modern zombies we see so much in series like The Walking Dead, comics and movies have gained so much popularity after the film Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero. Finally, the typical way to kill zombies is by beheading or head wounds.

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