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10 Differences between Ogre and Troll

10 Differences between Ogre and Troll

Ogre vs Troll

What is the difference between Ogre and Troll? Ogres and trolls are creatures we often see in fairy tales, but their aspects, characteristics, and behaviors; although many times people confuse them, the truth is that they have many differences.

Below this post is all about the difference between Ogre and Troll.

Difference Between Ogre And Troll

(Ogre vs Troll vs Orc vs Goblin ) Credits/Deviantart

Mythological Creatures of this category is divided into 6 parts

  • Ogre
  • Trolls
  • Goblins
  • Orc
  • kobold


When we talk about “ogre”, the first image that comes to the mind of many people is the popular character and loved by many, Shrek.

Some of the characteristics of the ogres are very well described throughout their history.

Traditionally, ogres are humanoid monsters. They are big, horrible, cruel, and monstrous, and hate companies.

They are usually presented in folklore, fiction, and mythology.

They are depicted in folklore and fairy tales as unpleasant humanoid monsters that feed on humans and in literature are a metaphor for referring to people who have disgusting habits.

People who mistreat, exploit, and are cruel are also considered ogres. In their appearance, ogres are presented as creatures with strong bodies, voracious appetites, and a large amount of hair on their bodies.

History Of ogre

“Ogre” is a word that originated from the French language. The first time it was used was in the twelfth century, by Chrétien de Troyes, in his romance in verse called Perceval le Conte du Graal.

Later, it was widely used by Charles Perrault and Marie-Catherine in their short stories. Some believe that the myth of the ogres originated from the real-life crimes of Gilles de Rais.

Others believe that this word comes from “Hongrois”, which meant “Hungarian.” The word “ogre” became more popular from the work of an Italian author, Giambattista Basile, who used the word “orc”.

The first mention of a female ogre is in the story “Sleeping Beauty“.


Trolls are considered supernatural creatures of Scandinavian folklore and Norse mythology. They are described as dangerous, astute, and capable of magically cursing people and also eating them when it suited them.

For Further Reading

History of Troll

Trolls are considered more reasonable than ogres. It was believed that they turned into stone if it gave them the light of the sun, the reason why they lived in dark and isolated caves; located in the mountains, where they formed small units of family type.

They are always represented as creatures who like to live far from any human population.

Its appearance is more varied than that of the ogres. The trolls may well be very ugly and slow-witted creatures, but they have also been described as human-like creatures, very cunning and clever.

Key Differences between Ogre and troll

  • Ogres are depicted as humanoids and brutes, while trolls are often portrayed as cunning and clever.
  • Trolls are more reasonable than ogres.
  • Ogres are less sociable than trolls.
  • Ogres originated in French folklore, while trolls belong to Scandinavian folklore.
  • The trolls turned to stone if it gave them the sunlight, while the ogres did not.

Is Shrek an ogre or a troll?

As per the Shrek series, Shrek is called a troll due to the language lacking issue with the word for Ogre.

But actually, Shrek is the eponymous ogre protagonist in the Shrek series resembling towering, green attributes kind heart, and fearsome appearance.

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