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Difference between Zakat and Sadqa

Difference between Zakat and Sadqa

Zakat vs. Sadqa

What is difference between Zakat and Sadqa? The Zakat and Sadaqa are two terms which have common general meanings and absolute specific meanings, that is to say that one of the two is more general and more general than the ‘ other. It is “Sadaqa” while “Zakat” is more specific. Any Zakat is therefore a Sadaqa but all Sadaqa is not necessarily as Zakat. Below this post is all about the difference between Zakat and Sadqa.

Difference between Zakat and Sadqa

This is clearly stated in the word of Allah: “Take from their possessions a sadaqa with which you are going to purify them and raise them in virtue and pray for them. Your prayer is for them a peacefulness [of the soul] (a blessing), and surely Allah hears and knows.

The meaning of “Sadaqa” in this verse is the obligatory Zakat.
This meaning was expressed verbally by al-Mawardi in his book “al-Ahkâm as-Sultāniyya” where he said, “Sadaqa is Zakat and Zakat is Sadaqa, the term differs but Meaning is the same “.
Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam. His acquittal is compulsory. He who denies his character of religious obligation is renegade. It consists in the discharge of a precise quantity of a specific good on precise terms in favor of specific beneficiaries, who number eight in the book of Allah and in the word of Allah: “The sadaqa are only for the needy, for the poor, for those who are there, for those whose hearts are rallyed, for the liberation of slaves, for those who are indebted, for the path Of Allah (jihad) and for the passenger [who is in need]. It is an obligatory prescription decreed by Allah. Allah is Savant and Wise.

Similarly, zakat does not apply to any type of wealth. There are specific goods which are covered by the obligation of zakat and which are called “goods concerned with zakat” such as gold, silver, all fiduciary currencies, livestock, grain and fruit.
Its obligation is linked to the wealth that is related to the claim.
What is also required is to fulfill a precise quantity according to precise conditions.

As to the time of acquittal, it is as soon as the year has elapsed for all the riches concerned by the zakat except the grains and fruits which must be distributed at the time of the harvest and the harvest in accordance with The word of Allah: “Give him the required share on the day of his harvest [harvest] and do not squander because he does not like the prodigals.

As for “sadaqa”, it is a more general term since it serves to designate compulsory sadaqa as zakat but also sadaqa (charities) non obligatory.
It is not linked to a limited time or to a definite quantity, but the person spends what Allah has given him, provided that he does not forsake those for whom he is in charge, such as women and children. Allah is wiser and may Allah grant his mercy and salvation to Muhammad.

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