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Difference between Marriage and Wedding

Difference between Marriage and Wedding

Marriage vs. Wedding

What is the Difference between Marriage and a Wedding? Each person and culture has its own traditions, celebrates different ceremonies or practices different rituals; however, there are some points in which all or almost all coincide, with weddings and marriages being two of those aspects to highlight in the lives of many.

If you think that we are redundant when we talk about weddings and marriages, you have to know that you are wrong, since they are different ceremonies despite being closely related.

Difference between Marriage and Wedding

If you have any questions or want to know a little more about the difference between marriage and a wedding, continue reading, because then we explain it to you.

Marriage is one of the most important rituals that can take place within a society. It consists of the religious or legal union of two persons who consent to this type of intimate relationship between them, although there are cultures in which not necessarily those who contract consent this relationship; but because of family or cultural issues they are obliged to do so.

Generally, marriage takes place between a man and a woman, but there are societies that allow it between people of the same sex and, the same is supposed to be a kind of deal between two people who share an emotional bond.

Marriage always appears associated with the emotions and feelings of the people, the reason why although in some societies the relatives are in charge to fix it, almost always the decision to take a spouse is left to the choice of each individual.

On the other hand, the wedding refers to the act, ceremony, or celebration in which two people decide to join in marriage; so it can be said that there is no wedding without marriage, but somehow there can be married without a wedding.

Although marriage is something intimate, weddings are public events that are held with the goal of marriage being recognized before society.

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