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Difference between Mania and Phobia | Mania vs Phobia

Difference between Mania and Phobia | Mania vs Phobia

Mania vs Phobia

Difference between Mania and Phobia:- To know and understand the difference between Mania and Phobia, let’s see first what is Mania and what is meant by the Phobia. This will allow us to understand both of them very well, especially the difference between both.

What is Mania

This is the second most common TOC after washing TOC. In this TOC, you are obsessed with the impression of having made a mistake or forgotten something that could cause a disaster and therefore you constantly check.

Make sure the door and windows are closed. You check that the faucets, lamps, oven, electric plates, gas are closed too. And you do not check that once, you also check the verification and verification check and again. In fact, you have to check tirelessly until you can be certain that it is closed. So you’re going to repeat aloud that it’s closed at the same time you’re doing it. You will stand still for a long moment to engrave you on the retina that it is closed. You will open and close to be on. You will close with all your strength. Besides, you’ve broken all the faucets and door handles (except the gas tap, this is the only one you do not force)

You can also check the car’s doors, and the parking brake and the automatic closing. You can also check what you wrote, for fear of sending mail or mail with errors (or worse insults) and you verify that the letter is in the envelope.

What is Phobia

Phobias are abnormally intense fears. You feel in front of something harmless as if there was an extreme danger. Out of the situation, you know that there is no danger, but as soon as you are confronted with what you fear, it is stronger than you; you have to flee by screaming and impossible to reason.

The most common phobias are:

  • Phobia of snakes
  • Phobias of spiders
  • Phobia of birds
  • Phobia of flying insects (wasps, grasshoppers)
  • Phobias of large animals (dogs)
  • Phobias of small animals (rats)
  • Phobia of the void
  • Phobia of blood and wounds
  • Phobias of confinement
  • Phobia of the dark
  • Deep water phobia
  • Phobia of thunder and thunderstorms
  • Phobia of vomiting
  • Phobia of choking
  • Social phobia
  • Phobias appear most often in childhood.

If you have a phobia or if your child has a phobia, therapeutic techniques are extremely effective and you will be able to heal or learn how to cure your child.

What is the Difference between Mania and Phobia?

Manias and phobias refer to two very different psychological and psychiatric concepts. However, popularly many times are used as synonyms and are not in any case. The basis, the general concept and the symptomatology of each disorder are quite different. Mania is a word (derived from the ancient Greek “mania “, which means “madness, dementia or state of fury”), which designates a mental disorder related to the mood of the people.

It is characterized by exaggerated euphoria, obsessive fixed ideas and agitated and delirious states, acceleration and intensification of thoughts and emotions. It is one of the phases of bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depressive psychosis.
Popularly the term mania is used to designate a behavior or behavior strange and persistent in the character of an individual.
Another popular meaning is “to have mania to someone,” which expresses an antipathy or exaggerated dislike to certain people or things.

For its part, Phobia is also another word derived from the ancient Greek “Phobos” (in Greek mythology Phobos was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, who personified fear and horror). Phobos means “panic.”
The word “phobia ” is used to refer the psychological disorder, which is characterized by an intense, disproportionate and irrational fear of specific things or situations. Examples of popular phobia in our society are in “claustrophobia” (directed to closed spaces), agoraphobia (against open spaces) or entomophobia (to insects).

Its main difference with fear is that the phobia has an irrational nature, elevates the levels of anxiety highly and becomes incapacitating for the person who suffers from this disorder in the presence of the triggering stimulus.

Now instead of asking a question what is difference between Mania and Phobia? Now this should be clear in your mind that the difference between both of them. Keep visiting the website to learn more about such similar terms and objects.

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