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Difference between Karma and Destiny

Difference between Karma and Destiny

Karma vs. Destiny

What is Difference between karma and destiny? A lot of people believe in karma or fate, and another amount has probably ever wondered in life if it is possible that any of these exist. Some believe that destiny and karma goes hand in hand and that they mean the same thing, but this is not true. Destiny and karma are two different concepts. Below this post is all about the difference between karma and destiny.

Difference between Karma and Destiny


On the other hand, the concept “karma” is very different from the previous one. While destiny posits that everything is predetermined and that one has no choice, karma puts the future in the hands of man. The law of karma works with people’s actions and is based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that each action causes an equal or opposite reaction.

According to the law of karma, a person who does good deeds will receive good things later, by way of compensation. On the other hand, if the subjects’ actions are bad, they will receive bad things in the future.

Some religions that incorporate this belief also hold that each person is born with a book in which all the actions that it carries out throughout its life (bad or good) are recorded and that the results of these actions are reflected when the individual in question is born again. It is said that karma is a cycle and never ends, because it follows the person in all their lives. The cycle begins when the person is born and continues throughout each one of the lives of this one.

The concept of karma originated in India and is accepted in religions: Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs … however, it is also accepted by various people around the world, even though they do not belong to the religions mentioned above.


Destiny refers to a predetermined set of actions that individuals must execute throughout their life. It refers to an immutable future that, it is assumed, will happen regardless of whether the person wants it or not. It does not give choices to individuals, but everything comes previously established.

The belief of fate derives from the belief that there is a natural order fixed in the cosmos. The origin of this concept goes back to ancient Greece and Rome, where the Gods determined the fate of people. In antiquity, the Moiras (Greek mythology), Fates (Roman mythology) and Nornas (Norse mythology) were the divinities in charge of spinning and finally cut the thread of the life of each being. Also the concept of destiny has much to do with the belief in the existence of an all-powerful force that decides the future of human beings.

Key differences between Karma and Destiny

  • Fate is the belief that everything is predetermined and that things cannot be evoked even if people want, while karma is the belief that every action has an equal or opposite reaction in response.
  • The concept “destiny” originates mainly from ancient Greece, while the concept “karma” arises in India.

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